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Reign of Winter (Legendary Realms)

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Every 100 years, the Witch Queen Baba Yaga returns to the nation of Irrisen to place a new daughter on the throne, but this time, something has gone wrong. Far to the south, winter cloaks the forest near the village of Heldren with summer snows. Deep within the wooded forest, a supernatural cold creeps forth as raids on caravans escalate wherever the inclimate weather spreads.

Uncommon Heroes unknown nor related have been drawn towards Heldren. Some are unexpected, others lured by curiosity or righteous cause. What will they uncover, what secrets lie within the woods? Their legacy begins humbly in a simple tavern, by the warm hearthfire, their destiny a mystery to all but the hands of fate....

RSVP is for party members only! Please message to ask about space.

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