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This Meetup is for anyone who is looking for a different, deeper conversation, one that goes beyond the surface of TV, celebrities, newspapers, sport etc. It’s for people who are interested in life design and understanding more about how we can be the best version of ourselves while still being happy with who we are. For me, I love asking questions that make me and others think… What is the purpose of my life? What makes us happy & how can we do/be/have more of that? What have you learned recently that’s changed how you think? What books and podcasts have you been reading/listening to? What’s your favourite quote? Are we being the best version of ourselves and if not what's stopping us? Can we help each other to help ourselves?
What about some fun, this is all a bit serious & deep. Let’s do something fun, meaningful, kind, different, positively scary! Anything but walking around asleep, lost, on autopilot. Let's inspire each other.
Let's create something that we wouldn't or couldn't do alone or do something like go for a walk as a group with great conversation, just because it feels so much better to do things together with people who share similar values. Not sure where this is going but I feel I could write a book. Why don't I? 😂
I know what I just said will sound a bit too airy fairy to most but if you're still reading this far and this tugs on a few strings of curiosity or awakens something inside then join me for some... 'I don't know what'? Experimentation! Deep discussion? Half marathon?! Some volunteering? A walk in the mountains? A cup of tea with some thought provoking questions? Vision boards? – Yes I did say vision boards!! BUT followed up with a plan, some dates and accountability for those that want it! My reason for starting the group is just to connect with more likeminded people and make some new friends, hope to see you soon x

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