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This is a meetup group for those in the Phoenix area who like maps, GIS, OpenStreetMap, cartography and anything in between. You can follow us on twitter at @phxgeo where we have discussion and post announcements between meetups.

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February Meetup: OSM and QFieldCloud

Online event

I'm very sorry to have to postpone this event, but due to the latest pandemic surge, we are rescheduling for Tuesday, February 22nd. Still 6:00-8:00 pm and still virtual. The saguaro survey event has also been pushed back. Everyone be safe in the meantime and we look forward to seeing you when things have hopefully settled down again.

We have two talks/discussions planned (see below) and are looking for one more 5-10 minute lightning talk. There should be plenty of time for conversation as well.


1. PHXGeo has been invited to consult on an effort to increase the visibility of one of the UN Sustainability goals that is behind schedule. Roza Ferdowsmakan is a local technology and social impact entrepreneur who is working towards increasing the visibility of sustainable food systems. She will present her progress talking with Bing and OSM and would like to gather ideas from the OSM contributors in our group. We can also plan ahead if anyone wants to plan carpooling to State of the Map in Tucson in April.

2. Veronica will present the details for the March 5th volunteer saguaro mapping event in Papago Park. She will also demo the process she used to set up the QField mobile app for group editing. Please reach out if you would like to help test and debug the app for this event.

3. TBD

Papago Park Saguaro Survey III with QField

Phoenix Zoo

Join us the morning of March 5th (rescheduled from Jan 29) to help extend the Phoenix section of the Papago Park saguaro map and learn about this unique plant population that is central to our community. This year we will be working in the section of Papago Park north and west of the Phoenix Zoo. Everyone is welcome and no prior experience is required.

We like to change things up with a different mobile mapping technology each year and this year we hope to use QField and QFieldCloud (qfield.cloud). QFieldCloud is an open source GIS platform that allows the QField mobile app to be used for team-mapping. It is powered by QGIS and Postgres/PostGIS. It was released in beta this winter and we are on the waiting list to be among the very first to use it - so cross your fingers!! Our backup app is Google My Maps and printed maps will also be available for a low-tech mapping alternative.

Event details will be shared at the February 22nd Meetup event, so please attend if you are available. Here is a little background:

The 'map' is actually several GIS datasets independently maintained by the various cities and organizations that share the park. PHXGeo has volunteered its GIS expertise in past years for Desert Botanical Garden, City of Phoenix, and City of Tempe.

By supporting the saguaro mapping efforts of each of the cities and organizations in Papago Park, we hope to create a resource to help better understand this plant population that is quintessential to Arizona and central to our community.

Please contact Veronica Nixon if you would like to help organize the event this year (make event planning maps, debug the mobile GIS app, present results, etc.)

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