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This group is open to all adults Ages 21 and over, single and married, who love meeting new people, building friendships, laughing, playing, and going on adventures. Some of the many activities we have enjoyed since our inception in September 2015 include party-game nights, bowling, hiking, canoeing, art classes, retro movie nights, stand-up comedy shows, plantation tours, laser tag, music shows, and much more! All kind, good people are welcomed and encouraged to join in the fun!

NOTE: If you are among the many people who tend to feel shy and uncomfy showing up alone, you are always welcomed to bring a friend (or two or three). However, if you cannot find a friend available or game for a particular event you're interested in attending, I encourage you to be brave and show up, anyway. I promise to make a consistent effort to communicate exactly where or how to find us when you get there, and you will be warmly, joyfully welcomed and quickly introduced to others so you will feel comfy and so glad you came. ;)

A PS RE EVENT PHOTOS: The Group Album/photo feature on Meetup is not currently one that I am comfortable using as a means of sharing event photographs. If you'd like to take photos during our Meetup events for your personal use or to share via phone or email with friends, please feel free to do so. I have been told that the Meetup team is currently working on some changes to the Group Album/photo feature, and we can reevaluate when that work is complete. In the meantime, thanks so much for your cooperation and patience in this matter.

NO-SHOW POLICY: A "no-show" is a member who RSVPs for an event, never changes their RSVP to "Not Going," and does not attend the event. No-shows wreak havoc on Meetup events and are likely the greatest source of discouragement, stress, and frustration among Organizers. Additionally, no-shows negatively impact events for those who do attend. I have a very "inclusive" attitude and want each of you to be a part of this special group. However, with the privilege of being a member of this group comes responsibility. Members are required to respectfully handle Meetup's RSVP system. (I will always send an event reminder prior to each event; it is up to you to properly establish and maintain Meetup settings that allow you to receive event messages in a timely manner.) Because we are all human and can be responsible and still, on rare occasion, slip up or have life throw a crazy ball our way, the PLAY BATON ROUGE No-Show Policy allows two no-show "oopsies" during the course of your membership in this group. If you choose to allow yourself a third no-show, you are choosing to be eliminated from the group. I would love this to never happen, but I want to make sure we respect the establishments we frequent with proper headcounts, and I want Meetups to be very positive experiences for those who participate. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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Santa Maria Golf Course

I am SO EXCITED about this super cool opportunity and hope a bunch of you will join us!!!! What a fun way to start off the Memorial Day weekend!! **PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A WEATHER-PERMITTING MEETUP! PLEASE CHECK THE COMMENT WALL OF THIS MEETUP IF WEATHER IS LOOKING IFFY THAT MORNING!** If you have never played legit golf in your life OR if you've played a little and don't really know what you're doing OR if you've played and you're super rusty and need a refresher on the basics, THIS IS THE MEETUP FOR YOU!!! We have been offered a wonderful opportunity to dip our toes in with BREC's Golf Development Manager, Jack, at what I'm told is a beautiful golf course in Baton Rouge! Jack, our event planner and golf instructor, suggested we meet at BREC's Santa Maria golf course because it's big, and we will be able to carve a little area just for us. Jack is going to provide some super basic instruction and practice time, and then he will divide us into pairs for a little just-for-fun competition! (We will NOT be doing 18 holes; no one has 842 hours to devote to this Meetup as beginners chase their golf balls all over South Louisiana. We will be sticking in one small portion of the course.) We expect the clinic and competition to last a total of 2 to 2.5 hours depending on attendance. WE ARE MEETING AT 9:00 A.M. to get paid up and ready to go on time; class starts at 9:30 a.m. SHARP! (Exact meeting location TBD.) We are ONLY being charged a fee for golf balls(!!!), and (including tax) they charge $4 for 45 balls, $7 for 60 balls, and $10 for 75 balls. HOWEVER, Jack said it will be difficult to nurse a small or medium basket for the full time, so he's offered unlimited balls to anyone who pays the $10. THERE IS A SPECIAL DRESS CODE for golf courses that must be adhered to . . . More details soon! BREC will provide the golf clubs, but if you can bring your own, Jack said you only need a wedge and a putter. For those interested, we will head to a nearby TBD lunch spot after playing! Please invite any friends and family members 21 and up! Just include them in your RSVP. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!

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