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What we’re about

This group is open to all adults Ages 21 and over, single and married, who love meeting new people, building friendships, laughing, playing, and going on adventures. Some of the many activities we have enjoyed since our inception in September 2015 include party-game nights, bowling, hiking, canoeing, art classes, retro movie nights, stand-up comedy shows, laser tag, music shows, and much more! All kind, good people are welcomed and encouraged to join in the fun!

NOTE: If you are among the many people who tend to feel shy and uncomfy showing up alone, you are always welcomed to bring a friend (or two). However, if you cannot find a friend available or game for a particular event you're interested in attending, I encourage you to be brave and show up, anyway. I promise to make a consistent effort to communicate exactly where or how to find us when you get there, and you will be warmly, joyfully welcomed and quickly introduced to others so you will feel comfy and so glad you came. ;)

A PS RE EVENT PHOTOS: The Group Album/photo feature on Meetup is not currently one that I am comfortable using as a means of sharing event photographs. If you'd like to take photos during our Meetup events for your personal use or to share via phone or email with friends, please feel free to do so. I have been told that the Meetup team is currently working on some changes to the Group Album/photo feature, and we can reevaluate when that work is complete. In the meantime, thanks so much for your cooperation and patience in this matter.

NO-SHOW & HABITUAL-CANCELLATION POLICY: Extensive coordination efforts are often required to create successful Meetups, and no-shows (people who RSVP and then do not attend without updating their RSVP or communicating with the Organizer) and those who habitually RSVP for Meetups and then cancel after RSVPing (particularly at the last minute) wreak havoc on the planning and execution of events. The Organizer, the venue and its staff and other customers, and the PLAY BATON ROUGE members who attend the events can all be negatively impacted by absenteeism as a result of no-shows and those who habitually cancel. Life happens at the last minute; we all understand this. Cars break down, the boss at work suddenly asks you to stay to complete a project, illness strikes, true emergencies arise, etc. The Organizer of PLAY BATON ROUGE respects and understands this and does not wish for any group member to have additional stress when a true need arises that necessitates bowing out of a Meetup. However, if a PLAY BATON ROUGE member is a no-show for more than two Meetups (or a single Meetup with an attendance cap) OR habitually cancels (particularly within a day or two of the event), it is the policy of PLAY BATON ROUGE that the Organizer may remove the member from the group.