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PWoW - (Pronounced "P" "Wow") - Powerful Women of Wisconsin.

We are a networking group that focuses on Personal/Social relationships FIRST and professional network second.

Our Regular monthly meetings are every 3nd Wednesday of the Month, and sometimes there are also EXTRA events throughout the month.

A minimum $5 meeting fee at the door is required for all of our Regular Monthly events. Extra events have donations boxes so you can support our group at every event. None of our leaders or assistants receive any payment from PWoW. This group has been created strictly through volunteers of time, effort and money.

We take a little different approach to networking than most groups do. We believe building relationships with each other is much more important than growing an email/contact list and business card collection. Please take the time to get to know each member/attendee and make an effort to stay after the event to continue to network.


• Please feel free to bring your business cards, flyers and door prizes to our meetings. We will have a table set up at our regular event for displaying these items.

• Cash for the $5 meeting fee for regular events or for the donation boxes at the Extra Events

• Also a pen and paper is helpful to take notes during member introductions or presentations we may have.

• Members who tend to get chilly easily will want to bring a sweater or wrap of some sort. We ask that you do not ask the venue to change the temperature of the room - many times it's an individual preference so please be mindful that while you may be feeling cold - others may be feeling warm and it is always easier for you to put on a sweater than for others to take off a layer of clothing. ;)

Most meetings are held at restaurants and we ask each attendee to at least purchase a beverage or meal to help the restaurant for allowing us to meet there. Please remember to tip the waitstaff!

Member benefits include but are not limited to:

1. The opportunity to be a "Guest Speaker" or "Featured Member" which includes: Being featured on our Event page and having a 10-30 minute spotlight at the event. Please note that your attendance frequency matters when we select someone for this spotlight. If you have no-shows you will most likely not be chosen to speak.

2. Access to exclusive offers and discounts given by other PWoW members.

3. Being added to our private Facebook Group where you can connect to other members and post information about events or specials in your business or things going on in your life. :)


ACTIVE ATTENDANCE: If you don't have time to attend any Events, please don't apply at this time.

Active Members Status – Active members are those that attend at least one meeting every 3 months (extra or regular) and at least one evening/regular event meeting every 6 months. (of course, if you have circumstances that prevent you from attending for a period time - please contact Kristin to ensure your spot in the group)

Extra Events are for Active Members Only. We have limited the attendance to extra events to active members so that these events can serve as a way for members to get to know each other a little better and spend some quality time together. This was our original purpose for creating them and will now be upholding that purpose. Note: Please bring your first-time guests to an Evening/Regular meeting – once they attend they will be an active member and can attend the extra events.

NO-Shows & Cancellations: A networking group is only as strong and effective as the members who show up. If you RSVP Yes for an event and do NOT show up or make any effort to let the Event Organizer or co-organizer know you cannot attend due to a last minute emergency you will be removed from the group. Please Cancel 24 hours in advance. You are taking someone else's spot who could have attended, therefore repeat offenders of canceling last minute will be removed from the group (including our PWoW Facebook page).

As a member of this group you also agree to not add our members to your mailing list without a specific request to do so from the member.

All members must live in or around (within 100 miles of) the Madison, WI area.

Please also do not advertise your business in the Meetup.com comments section of our meetings and events. You can post that information in our Facebook Group once you become a member (becoming a member means you must join us for at least one in-person event and stay active by attending at least once every 3 months.)

PWoW leaders also reserve the right to remove you from our group at any time for any reason.

When applying for membership include a visible photo of yourself please! This allows us to be able to put a face to a profile. Please also include your last name or at least last initial and any contact information so we may be able to reach you after events in order to get to know you better!

SUPPORTING PWoW: A $5 meeting fee is required for our Regular monthly meetings. Please bring cash - as we do not accept checks or credit cards.

Your meeting fees and donations go immediately into our group, to ensure that it will be able to continue, going towards Meetup fees, name tags, door prizes and more...

Being part of this group also means you agree to being filmed, photographed and/or live streamed during the meeting and agree to the photos/media being publicly posted.

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