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// What is Papers We Love?

What was the last paper within the realm of computing you read and loved? What did it inspire you to build or tinker with? Come share the ideas in an awesome academic/research paper with fellow engineers, programmers, and paper-readers. Lead a session and show off code that you wrote that implements these ideas or just give us the lowdown about the paper. Otherwise, just come, listen, and discuss.

We're curating a repository (https://github.com/papers-we-love/papers-we-love) for papers and places-to-find papers. You can contribute by adding PR's for papers, code, and/or links to other repositories.

// Want to get involved?

• Attend a meeting (https://www.meetup.com/Papers-We-Love-DC-NoVA/) (no experience required!)

• Submit a proposal (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XtSpzSVPymit72w0BkSTa8cN-dHZT6hX3CNaKrQ_9_g/viewform)

You can also find us online:

• Watch previous presentations on YouTube: PapersWeLove (all chapters) (https://www.youtube.com/user/PapersWeLove)

• Follow us on Twitter: @paperswelovedc

// How to Read a Paper

Reading a paper is not the same as reading a blog post or a novel. Here are a few handy resources to help you get started.

• How to read an academic article (http://organizationsandmarkets.com/2010/08/31/how-to-read-an-academic-article/)

• Advice on reading academic papers (http://www4.ncsu.edu/%7Eakmassey/posts/2012-02-15-advice-on-reading-academic-papers.html)

• How to read and understand a scientific paper (http://violentmetaphors.com/2013/08/25/how-to-read-and-understand-a-scientific-paper-2/)

• Should I Read Papers? (http://michaelrbernste.in/2014/10/21/should-i-read-papers.html)

• The Refreshingly Rewarding Realm of Research Papers (video):


// Code of Conduct

Papers We Love has a Code of Conduct (https://github.com/papers-we-love/papers-we-love/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md). Please contact one of the organizers if anyone is not following it. Be good to each other and to the PWL community!

Upcoming events (1)

Neural Fields in Visual Computing and Beyond by Xie et al.: Part 2

Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering

Get ready for our March Papers We Love!

Papers We Love is an international organization centered around the appreciation of computer science research papers. There's so much we can learn from the landmark research that shaped the field and the current studies that are shaping our future. Our goal is to create a community of tech professionals passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. Come join us!

The University of Maryland will be hosting us for part 2 of Neural Fields in Visual Computing and Beyond (Xie et al., 2022). This paper gives a comprehensive review of the field of neural rendering and provides context, mathematical grounding, and an extensive review of literature on neural fields. This will be a follow up to our previous PWL presentation which can be seen here, and will cover the second half of the paper we missed last time.

The paper will be presented by Lee Sharma. Lee is a researcher focusing on data-driven methods for scientific computing, working on a range of projects from bio-inspired robotics to fluid dynamics simulations. She is particularly interested in the ideas of structure and symmetry in mechanistic systems as well as how to embed physics priors into data-driven models. She is easily distracted by neat papers and has been involved in the DC branch of Papers We Love since 2016.

The schedule will be something like this:
6:00-6:15 - Arrive and socialize.
6:15-6:20 - Introduction and announcements
6:20-7:05 - The paper: Neural Fields in Visual Computing and Beyond
7:05-7:20 - Q&A
7:20-7:45 - Informal paper discussion and more socializing.

Venue: The event will be located in the IRB 4137 (fourth floor conference room) at the Brendan Iribe Center for computer graphics in the University of Maryland.

Parking: Lot H and the Regents Drive parking garage are the best spot for visitor parking. https://transportation.umd.edu/parking/maps/umd-campus-parking-map

Bike: tons of bike parking outside, easy to access the building coming from the Trolley Trail (either bike up Campus Drive or go through Paint Branch Park, then take the underpass under Baltimore Ave, which dumps you right at Iribe.)

Public transit: the College Park metro station is about 1mi away. It’s an easy, protected walk, or the 83/86 bus goes right from the metro station to Iribe.

If anyone fancies refreshments after the event I'll be walking over to Looney's Pub a nearby pub, for drinks and a snack, if you want to join.

Past events (42)

Neural Fields in Visual Computing and Beyond by Xie et al.

Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering