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This is a very informal and friendly group that I formed in early July of 2017.

We are a B-Group, which means we are fit but not as fast as people who race bikes in competitions. Our rides average about 22-23 kph in the winter and 24-26 kph in the summer. In the winter we typically ride about 60 km to 80 km and in the summer anywhere between 100 km and 150 km.

We regroup along the route so nobody gets dropped. Thus far, our rides range from one to two dozen people. As we grow and ride groups become unwieldy, we are considering dividing rides into two groups - one faster, one slightly slower - at the meetup point and establishing a rendez vous later in the ride for a coffee break or lunch stop.

We also have a global flavor, which is a byproduct of my poor French language skills. This - along with age and weight - hampered my ability to join or remain in contact on rides with other local cycling groups, so I formed my own. Riders who have joined meetups thus far include men and women who hail from France, Great Britain, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Poland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Germany and the U.S.

What we all share in common is a love of cycling and at least decent English language skills, although many languages are spoken during each ride.

We ride most often on Sundays because the streets have less traffic than Saturdays, but in the warmer months we frequently schedule rides both weekend days.

If this sounds enticing, please join us for a ride.


Jeff Ballinger

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Easter Monday holiday ice cream ride - 142km and 84km options

Full 142km route: https://www.strava.com/routes/14875739 This is a loop that returns to Paris at Parc de Vincennes. Havard claims he will stop for ice cream every 50 km. Partial 85km route: https://www.strava.com/routes/18250719 This route ends in Melun with a train ride back to Paris on the Transilien R line, with departures every 30 minutes at roughly :15 and :45 after the hour (28-minute trip to Gare de Lyon). The roads should be relatively empty in the morning, so let's get out there and take the lane. Our group features no-drop rides. We wait at key turns and at the top of climbs for those who fall behind a bit. Average pace will be 22-24kph, faster on flats, slower on hills. If riders attend who want to go faster, please fell free to ride on ahead without the group. We don't want to slow you down if speed is your objective. Note the different starting point at Porte Choisy.

Granfondo la Vencoise

Place du pré de ville et jardin Artusi

Granfondo la vencoise https://granfondofrance.com/events/granfondo-la-vencoise Short race 105km - 2100m climb Long race 150km - 3100m climb Both races will make you enjoy (so to speak...) the main local highlight climbs. Get ready for some pain and sightseeing! I'll be on the short race. Let me know if any of you happen to be there

Le Geant de Provence: Ventoux challenge

Needs a location

As (almost) every year, in May I will be doing Trail des Gorges de l'Ardèche (http://trail-gorges-ardeche.fr/) and this year I will also finally take my bike with me there to tick Mont Ventoux off my bucket list the day before. If anyone fancy joining me on the way up (and down, and energy drinks afterwards obviously too) I would be more that happy. The plan is to do classic route from Bédoin (21.5 km, 1610 m D+) - https://goo.gl/DVSJD4 ...and if there are more adventurous amongst us, perhaps descend to Malaucène and go back up again (21 km, 1570 m D+) - https://goo.gl/snZ89X ...and if it is still not enough, there is always Sault side remaining (26 km, 1220 m D+) - https://goo.gl/qMqNqf ...which would qualify such a tool for a membership in Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux (http://www.clubcinglesventoux.org/en/club.html) More details on climbs: https://www.cycling-challenge.com/mont-ventoux-all-three-sides/ Regardless of number of climbs, this should work well as real training before l'Etape, Marmotte or any other such evil coming not that long afterwards. I will be staying for a week or so some 70 km away, in Saint-Martin-d'Ardèche, and will come to Bédoin only in the morning and leave in the evening - so if someone wants to take care of hosting duties and arrange accommodation etc in Bédoin please let me know. Alternatively we could reach out to guys like Freewheeling France (thanks Don for letting me know of them!) who organise a whole Ventoux weekend around these dates - https://www.freewheelingfrance.com/blog/ventoux-weekend.html Who's game? Join our WhatsApp group to discuss details: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JHQQ87pkvS08Cs9KnUf5zf

Marmotte Granfondo Alpes - 174k

Bourg d'Oisans

They said l'Etape earlier this year was a silly thing to do. They ain't seen nothing yet! Breathtaking (literally) century (and a bit) in the Alps, with 5000 m of climbing thrown in. What's not to like? Registrations have just opened. What are you waiting for? Official page: http://www.marmottegranfondoseries.com/epreuve.php?C=1 Strava route: https://www.strava.com/routes/16033792 Route profile: https://goo.gl/Y1hohS Highlights: - Col du Glandon - HC / 32km / 4.8% - Col du Telegraphe - HC / 11.8km / 7.3% - https://goo.gl/9iZ9R2 - Col du Galibier - HC / 18km / 7% - https://goo.gl/9iZ9R2 - Alpe d'Huez - HC / 13.8km / 8.1% - https://goo.gl/7qrhPe

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Place de la Porte de Châtillon

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