What we're about

Since February 2012, we've been setting up (about twice a month) all-day hikes, half-day bike rides or afternoon walks.

Come out with us to discover (together with locals and internationals) the interesting landscape diversity of the greater Paris' area known as Ile-de-France.

This group has been very influencial over the years, being the 1st french-lead group describing the hikes in english only, & setting up new standards of quality both in the events' description and during the events themselves : like meeting time 15 minutes before train departure, stopping for lunch-breaks in scenic areas, etc.

Nowadays a lot of other Meet'up & internet hiking groups in France copy - sometimes almost word to word - our texts and the way we describe or run the events.

Anyway, as artist Salvador Dali used to put it :

" quand on est copié, c'est bien : c'est le signe qu'on fait de la qualité "


Join our events & let's exercise in the great outdoors while having fun and meeting others … quite a program !

To make things easy for everyone we are mostly using public transports : our events start from locations easy to reach by Métro or using suburban trains.

Anyone is welcome to bring along some food or a drink to share (no obligation though).

Level for hikes (easy/moderate/hard) : 15k to 26 km day or afternoon hikes (average speed : 4,5 km / hour)

For Mountain bike rides, events will not be above level "moderate" (and there are specific Meet'up groups for triathletes or road cyclists).

Events will not often be cancelled due to the weather because even if it's sometimes raining for a short time or not too warm during the day, it's just so good for health (incl. the immune system) to be exercising in the outdoors for a couple of hours ... among other benefits of hiking & relaxed cycling.


We will ask for a 3 to 5€ fee to join our hikes but it is not to make any profit : just to COMPENSATE for the time, the efforts and the costs incurred in the preparation of the events by the person leading the hikes or the bike rides.

However we have nothing to sell in this group, we are not professionals, we have no Travel Agency licence, we do not have any business plan for expansion, we are not trying to have the biggest number of guests,

so do not expect to find any commercial speech (using a great number of superlatives to attract more people, commercial photos made by professionals, etc.) in the description of our events, we just use simple words.

The photos made by the participants talk for ourselves, so you are welcome to take a look at our several photo albums if you want to get to know how our events will be.

Looking forward to sharing the joy of outdoor activities with you,

nous espérons vous retrouver très bientôt sur les chemins d'Ile-de-France,

Chris and the group's hike leaders.

Upcoming events (2)

+/- 20 km moderate hike (north west)

Gare Saint Lazare

Bonjour/Bonsoir Level for this week's hike is moderate - again not for beginners or those with no recent sports practice. It should take place in the Conflans-St-Honorine/Cergy-Pontoise area & may include a short boat ride on the river Seine and visit to a small island if possible. RSVP Yes if you're available, have adequate hiking practice & gear as the equation is still: length + pace + heat = not for beginners! Hike fee is 5€/person (bring exact change if possible) - Students/unemployed 3€ Or even free if you need (but for this you must contact the event organizer) Place and details will be decided before saturday noon or on friday night ... the Guru of this group has a balanced & busy life & is not obsessed by hiking-hiking-hiking-hiking ... The good french song of this week seem to have the same southern influence as the current weather: https://youtu.be/fm_8rlG4OVU A + anyway for all details Merci de votre patience.

Social event (picnic): english (guided) conversation exchange

58 Avenue du Petit Parc

The second edition of our group's "different kind of social events” in a picnic format this time (a good way to escape from the high temperatures expected all this week). For the members of this group only and who have attended at least one hike. A new & fun way to socialize, you will be able to talk freely but not necessarily about the usual topics like weather, vacations, work ... “RSVP Yes” then only if you: 1. accept the above rule 2. are available at the time of the event on thursday 3. have joined our hikes already. 4. can speak good english (level intermediate to fluent, not for beginners). Group size is limited to about 8 & we will choose who can attend: join the waitlist first, please. Event is free but as it’s a picnic please bring along something to share: a drink or some food, or both ... and something large enough & waterproof to put on the ground (as we are in the bois de Vincennes). Not open to newcomers or outsiders! I will bring a bottle of fresh rosé wine, some food to share like a tomato salsa dip, a bottle opener and plastic cups ... A jeudi, 19h30, lasting about 2 hours. Bois de Vincennes, place is easy to reach from métro Bérault Line 1 - or RER A Vincennes Mr Chris

Past events (249)

Moderate level forest hike +/- 21km (south-east)

Paris Gare du Nord

Photos (7,361)