What we're about

What is this about?

This meetup is for people who are interested in building up their passive income and achieve true financial freedom. We want to do it via good and honorable means, without excessive and aggressive selling methods. We are not backed by or financed by any MLM companies.

What this meetup aim to do is to share ideas, concepts and opportunities about how to build passive income that can last a lifetime. It will be learning and enlightenment for you who decide to join us. We want to communicate ideas across and allow people to feedback on our ideas.

Another aim of this meetup group is to show skeptics and critics that passive income building is possible. The Singaporean public has been burned by too many fraudulent and dumb schemes that won't work. However, our view is that systems that generate true passive income and financial freedom does exist. You don't need to be an a**hole to do that.

Passive income may not be easy and in fact, it requires a lot of work and dedication. However, with enough education and effort, it can be done. There are many avenues available. For the rich people, passive income is easy since you can invest well and make the money. If you are not well off, you either need to earn your first pot of gold and join the rich people, or you need to work your way up the passive income ladder. Thus, we use the word "Passive Income Builders", because most of us will be in the building stage.

You get rich slowly. If you are looking to get rich quickly, this group may not be best.

Important Rules

We don't welcome MLM companies. The reason is that these industries tend to push people away due to their aggressive selling methods. If you are looking to recruit people to join your MLM, please go to other groups. If you still want to join, kindly refrain from pushing your MLM company onto others. We still will welcome you if you are keen to learn, share ideas and contribute to the group.

Events Administration

As far as events are concerned, there will be casual meetups, networking sessions and also more formal events like seminars and conventions. We welcome anyone to start an event. Events suggestions are subject to approval.

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