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This group is for players of the Pathfinder and Starfinder tabletop role-playing games published by Paizo Inc. (http://paizo.com)--in particular those who play in the Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society organized play programs. Our members meet in Greenville, around the Upstate, and also attend regional conventions. Our games are always open to new players, whether you're new to Pathfinder or Starfinder, new to role-playing games, or just new to our group. Don't hesitate to join the adventure!

In addition to the Meetup, you may sign up for specific scenarios at Warhorn.net (https://warhorn.net/events/upstate-sc-pfs). See this thread (https://www.meetup.com/Pathfinder-Society-of-Upstate-SC/messages/boards/thread/51082352) for registration instructions.

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Summer Send-off at Boardwalk!


Pathfinder Society of Upstate SC will hold its annual "Summer Send-off" to commemorate the end of the Pathfinder Society season on Saturday, July 20, from 11am to 7pm. UPDATE: due to many of you being gone on July 6, we have moved the event to July 20 and will be back at Boardwalk rather than the restaurant. Apologies if you aren't able to attend on the 20th! Schedule: 11am - Doors Open ~11:15am - Dice Roll! ~12:15pm - Lunch Break ~1:00pm - "Everyone-Wins-Something" Raffle ~1:15 - 7pm - Gaming Resumes (meal/snack/etc. breaks will be taken by each table as needed) As Pathfinder Society First Edition comes to a close*, we wanted to provide a "finale" for those of you with high-level characters. Brent will therefore run the module The Ruby Phoenix Tournament for levels 10-12. In this Asian-themed adventure, you'll engage in the eponymous tournament in order to gain a single item from the treasury of the legendary spellcaster Hao Jin--also known as the Ruby Phoenix! Six bouts in the Grand Pavilion will decide the victor--but be warned, not everyone is playing by the rules... * We will continue to offer existing PFS First Edition content based on player demand. For relatively unseasoned characters, Sam will run the PFS-sanctioned portion of the first part of The Dragon's Demand--The Blood Vow Lair--for levels 1-3. In the sleepy town of Belhaim, a tower has mysteriously collapsed, and kobold bodies are found in the rubble. The action of this adventure begins with you having located the lair of the Blood Vow Clan kobolds. To determine what these draconic dungeon-dwellers have to do with the tower's collapse, you'll need to venture inside for answers. In the far future (adventure-wise), JD will run the Starfinder Society-sanctioned portion of Against the Aeon Throne Part 1--The Reach of Empire--for levels 1-2. A "simple" supply run to a distant colony has you find that the settlement has been taken over by the oppressive Azlanti Star Empire. Liberation--and investigation of the Empire's deeper motives--are the order of the day. This adventure has the "Repeatable" tag. We welcome new players and veterans at our events--pregenerated characters and all other materials can be provided. Note that pregenerated characters aren't available for The Ruby Phoenix Tournament, which is intended for experienced players. Please use Warhorn (link below) to reserve a seat. There will be no session at Boardwalk in August, and then we'll have the Season Kickoff on Saturday, September 7. Pathfinder Society: http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety Starfinder Society: http://paizo.com/starfinderSociety Warhorn: http://www.warhorn.net/events/upstate-sc-pfs/schedule/2019/07/20 Contact: Brent Gass - [masked]

Pathfinder Society @ Empire Games!

Empire Games

Pathfinder Society shambles into Empire Games on Saturday, July 27, from 1-6pm. Bruce will be your gravedigger for PFS #1-49 Among the Dead for levels 1-7. In this sequel to PFS #0-07 Among the Living, the Society has tracked down the cult responsible for an undead uprising---and a Pathfinder's murder--in the city of Oppara. Your job is simple: eliminate this cult in their lair and return--alive not dead. Our events are open to new players and veterans. Pregenerated characters and all other materials can be provided. Plan to arrive a little early to get dice rolling promptly. Please sign up on this Meetup and register on Warhorn.net (link below) if you plan to attend. Pathfinder Society: http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety Warhorn: https://warhorn.net/events/upstate-sc-pfs/2019/07/27 Contact: Bruce Drebenstedt ([masked])

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Pathfinder Society @ Empire Games!

Empire Games

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