Pathfinder Society @ Borderlands!


Pathfinder Society simmers into Borderlands Comics & Games on Saturday, August 3, from 1 - 6pm! (Note that Borderlands sessions are normally on the second Saturday of the month.)

John will be your forgemaster for The Emerald Spire Level 10--The Magma Vault--for levels 8-10. This level of the spire boils due to intrusions from the plane of Fire--bring lots of ice water! As a module, this adventure is worth 3 XP, 4 PP and a requisite amount of gold.

NOTE: pregenerated characters are not available for this session due to its high level range--you must have your own character.

If you plan to attend, indicate so on this page. Additionally, you may sign up on Warhorn (link below) to reserve a seat at a particular scenario. Please plan to arrive about 15 min. prior to the start time so dice can get rolling promptly.

Pathfinder Society:

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Contacts: John Bickel - [masked]