What we're about

We write. We share. We live.

Pen to Paper is Indy's most notorious coterie of misfit writers.

What We Do

In its simplest form, we write stuff, share it with each other, and talk about it. Of course, to organize this effort requires a few rules, a calendar, and a sextant.

We critique each others written material and provide creative support, constructive criticism, and sage advice.

Who May Join

If you write, you may join. Hell, even if you don't write, give us a whirl, as long as you provide us with homemade cookies and lemonade.

We accept people at all skill levels, from the doe-eyed novice to the curmudgeonly expert.

If you want to write or improve your writing, then you've come to the right place.

We critique all manner of writing, be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry, travelogues, erotica, technical manuals ... if it has words, we'll read it.

So, You Want to Join

Follow these simple steps to initiate yourself into our mysteries:

1) Check out the Newbies page on our website at http://www.pentopaperblog.org/newbies-start-here/

2) Check out our guiding principles on our website at http://www.pentopaperblog.org/rules-of-write-club/

3) Come to a meeting.

It's really that simple. For what are you waiting? An incorrectly placed preposition?

Note: It may appear from the RSVP's that attendance is sparse. That is not really the case. We've been around so long that members rarely RSVP anymore.

Upcoming events (1)

Writers Night @ Studio Alchemy

Studio Alchemy LLC

Come join us Saturday, June 3rd. It will be packed with reading, writing, passionate conversation, and chicanery.

The agenda is yet to be confirmed, but we will likely spend most of our time doing critiques, and then a bit of socialization afterward.

For the time being, we've dispensed with the seating limit, because no-shows and people cancelling RSVP's at the last minute remains a problem. If we don't have enough space to seat everybody, we'll arm-wrestle or play Hungry Hungry Hippos to determine who stays and who goes. Be a sport, and only RSVP if you actually intend to come.


If this is your first time to a Pen to Paper event, and because we require that you attend at least one meeting before you access our online file store, you won’t have any way to read the submissions. But never fear! We will have copies for you to peruse while we discuss the submissions. And, as a bonus (and if you seem like a decent citizen) we’ll sign you up to our Slack site, so that you may read (and submit!) material for the next meeting.


Please note we have limited seating. If you RSVP and then don't show up, you are potentially taking a seat from someone else who could not RSVP because the event was full. That's not cool.

  1. You will be marked as a "no-show" if you RSVP'd but did not show up and did not notify us by changing your RSVP.
  2. After 2 "no-shows" we may take action which may include removing you from the group. We understand if you can't make it, but because seating is limited, you should cancel your RSVP to make room for someone else. It's very easy to do!


Yes … there are cats in the studio. And yes, they will demand your attention, as a superior species should of its servant class. If you have severe allergies or otherwise despise cats … you’re out of luck.


We do not require masks at our meetings, but we do require that you be vaccinated. Please be considerate of the other members of our club.


Paying the annual fees for Meetup costs money, as well as providing coffee and sundries. Donations are appreciated. Consider putting a buck or two in the donation box.


Past events (778)

Writers Night @ Studio Alchemy

Studio Alchemy LLC