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Green Gate Urban Farm & Gardens Visit
Join us this month at Green Gate Urban Farm & Gardens. Our urban farmer host Deb Neeley is so passionate about taking control of her own food that she quit her corporate job to do what she loves; growing food organically, raising chickens, and caring for honeybees and all pollinators. She converted her residential lot into a food growing utopia, setting an example of a food forest and farm in the city. She also allots as much space as possible to planting for the pollinators, and is dedicated to raising awareness about the threats that face them. Are you interested in doing what you can to help reverse the serious decline in pollinator health? Concerned about the impact of pesticides on human health and the environment? Frustrated by working alone? By working together we can learn about the issues, educate our neighbors, park, schools and government and advocate for change. The Metro Denver People and Pollinators Action Network meets monthly. Our mission is to create systemic change to improve the health of people and pollinators. By connecting neighbors across Metro Denver PPAN we can help Denver become a leader in pollinator protection. Please join us! Everyone welcome!

Green Gate Urban Farm

2646 Raleigh St. · Denver, co