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The events listed on this Meetup are sponsored through the People House Heart of Service ProgramThe Heart of Service program offers opportunities to explore your unique life path through holistic healing and growth experiences. Workshops, classes, and events in this program are offered to the community on a donation basis. Come as you are, contribute what you can.

Each event listed here is hosted by an independent facilitator. Questions about event details should be directed to the specific event host, through the contact information provided with the specific listing. Questions about People House programs and other general organization inquires can be directed to People House administration at (303) 480-5130 or

---About People House---

Mission: People House is a collaborative community for healing and growth, offering holistic resources for life's journey. 

People House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a dedication to helping support individuals as they explore their unique paths of self-evolution. 

Our community is unique. Here you will find people who sincerely enjoy diverse opinions and who truly listen. We aspire to always speak from our own experience and refrain from telling others what their truth should be. This process of inquiry and learning has been our foundation for 40 years. 

We uphold a philosophy of care that recognizes the mind/body/spirit connection and strive to create a safe space where everyone is accepted and encouraged to be wholly authentic. We advocate for living a life of conscious awareness and responsibility, while acknowledging that we are each constantly progressing along the path and will all need help somewhere along the way.

Our Programs:

People House Affordable Counseling Program - Providing affordable, accessible mental health counseling for all who are motivated to improve their lives. 

People House Veterans Reintegration Program - Offering support and care for combat-related PTSD through veteran directed mentoring.

People House Professional Development Series - Presenting experiential workshops on field topics for mental health professionals, advocating for holistic, person-centered approaches to mental health care.

Professional Community:

Private Practitioners at People House - Offering care for mind, body, and spirit from professional counselors & psychotherapists, nutritionists, massage therapists, energy healers, and more.

People House Counseling Internship - A clinical training program for master's level counseling students, offering the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge gained from academic training to the real-world experience of working with diverse client populations. 

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