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You are cordially invited to join us in conversations and meet similar people using Myers Briggs Personality test as a tool. (MBTI is by far the most popular personality test--a free test that takes only 15 minutes to take, and gives you valuable insights into yourself.) Learn from others through conversations in an informal friendly setting. The format is fairly informal. We will divide into a few groups for the conversations, move between groups and enjoy interacting with the many people present. People will be wearing tags identifying their personality types to spur conversations.

We meet on Every Saturday at 3:45pm at Sony Atrium at 550 Madison Avenue at 55th street. We have already had immense success with these Meetups attracting 30+ participants from various Meetup groups for each Meetup. (I also organize The 103 Great Ideas Conversations at 2pm Every Saturday at the same venue, just before this Meetup. See: https://www.meetup.com/The-103-Great-Ideas-... (https://www.meetup.com/The-103-Great-Ideas-Conversations/))

We human beings are complex beings--this Meetup is designed to enable participants to explore their own personality through interactions with similar and (and sometimes dissimilar) types, and to thereby learn a little about the nature of personality itself. At each Meetup you will have multiple conversations in different groups, and the format allows participants to interact deeply and learn in their own way regardless of their level of familiarity with personality types.

Meet interesting personalities, Explore your own, and Learn through Meaningful Conversations with many people at each Meetup.

Join our Meetup and Join the Conversations Now!


40-60 Personality Enthusiasts attended each of the last few Meetups. When asked what is the most interesting thing they learnt during the Meetup, here are some of the answers:

"It was unusual to have so much in common with some complete strangers, and being able to relate to them so well."........ "It was eerie how my personal Type captured my various attributes."..... "The short orientation presentation in the beginning was very helpful to a beginner like me."..... "It was great meeting with people of other types, when it was just us extroverts, we were all talking but no one was listening."..... "Learnt from a fellow participant, why someone was terrible at operating in a certain role in the company, but so good in another role--based on their personality type."........ "Very impressed how knowledgeable some of the people were about personality types."........... "The Meetup completely revised my understanding about what extroverts are like."......... "It was wonderful to have exchanges so many different people.".......... "I was blown away by the breadth and range of the personalities I met.".......... "Learnt who does most of the talking and why."......... "There were so many INJs!"......... "I am scared about people making unwarranted generalizations based just on types.".......... "The core hardly changes in spite of many changes."......... "Everybody is valuable regardless of their type.".......... "Learnt to understand types better by interacting with so many examples."....... "There are so many different ways of being."....... "It was great comparing notes with others of my type."

Come join the fun, meet interesting people and learn about personality types--don't miss the next Meetup!

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FTI: How to feel high self worth you deserve [Host: Garrett, ENTJ]

Needs a location

This event is brought to you by the Free Thinker Institute (FTI), a not-for-profit looking to support and empower personal development for its members - and for everyone interested. We organize weekly events to discuss ways to transform wisdom into practical applications that benefit our lives, covering topics widely ranging from professional subjects to spiritual ones. This week our founder, Garrett Lang, presents his ideas on self worth looking to empower growth for attendees.

Format: 30 min lecture followed by a group discussion

Self worth is an area so many people struggle with – Some have a self worth that’s too low, which often leads to mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Others have a self worth that’s too high for the wrong reasons, causing them to step on other people and not be open to new ideas. I will present how people generally measure self worth today, and present a new model for measuring self worth which I believe is healthier and easier to achieve high self worth. It will also help you be a better person.

Garrett Lang

A Little About our Lecturer:
Garrett is a programmer turned award-winning software inventor turned entrepreneur (PlateRate.com is his company). His hobby is writing and discussing practical philosophy, and he does life coaching on request to help people live happy, moral lives. He is also the executive director of The Free Thinker Institute (FreeThinkerInstitute.org), which aims to create a community that helps members increase happiness and decrease harm for themselves and those they can influence.

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We publish our event recordings on our Youtube channel to offer our help to anyone who would like to but can’t attend the meeting, so we need to give this clause. If you don’t want to be recorded, just remain on mute and keep your video off. Here’s our legal notice: For valuable consideration received, by joining this event I hereby grant Free Thinker Institute and its legal representatives and assigns, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish any and all Zoom recordings for trade, advertising and any other commercial purpose, and to alter the same without any restriction. I hereby release Free Thinker Institute and its legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability related to said video recordings.

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