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Carl Rogers & Transformative Power of Honest Communication by Jordan Peterson
We will be discussing Jordan Peterson’s video on Carl Rogers and Humanistic Psychology. In this lecture, Jordan Peterson talks about Dr. Carl Rogers, a humanist psychotherapist in the phenomenological tradition, and an expert on listening and embodied wisdom. Dr. Rogers offers very profound and practical lessons on the value of truthful relationships, and the power of listening. At this Meetup we will be doing some exercises described in this video to improve our ability to listen. See the lecture Humanistic Psychology & Phenomenology: Dr. Carl Rogers here: (This 2015 lecture covers Carl Rogers better) See the entire series of Personality & it’s Transformations series of lectures by Jordan Peterson here: We will be joined by 20+ members of other conversation groups.

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You are cordially invited to join us in thoughtful conversations on The 103 Greatest Ideas of all time. These conversations are organized around the major questions raised by thinkers throughout history. Change, Courage, Education, Emotion, Evolution, Habit, Hapiness, History, Honor, Language, Love, Imagination, Mind, Reasoning, Science, Time, Virtue and Wisdom are some of the Great Ideas discussed so far based on cumulative 1000+ live votes of thoughtful conversationalists that participated in the conversations so far. See exciting ideas coming up for discussion below.

These Meetups take place on Almost Every Saturday from 3pm to 4:30pm at 60 Wall Street Atrium-- 20 to 40 thoughtful conversationalists participate in each meeting.

No prior reading is necessary. Simply bring your life experience, and share your thoughts with others, hear their ideas, and engage in a thoughtful and courteous conversation--which is organized to maximize exchange of ideas. Feel free to arrive late or leave early.

The Great Books Project identified The 103 Great Ideas that thinkers from every field--philosophers, scientists, novelists, psychologists, economists--have written about in what they poetically call The Great Conversation. This Meetup uses their work as an inspiration to organize live conversations on the same great ideas among New Yorkers today.

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