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Nighttime City Urban - Sponsored by Tamron & Camera Electronic
Meet at Camera Electronic City store: 2/324 Murray Street Nighttime Perth City Urban walk, hosted by Tamron and Camera Electronic. Explore the local treasures around Perth's funky Urban & art scene through the wonderful walks of Wolfe Lane, Prince Lane and King Street. Geoff from Tamron is joining us and will have some Tamron lens in Canon and Nikon mount for us to trial. Perfect for beginners, people who have just bought a camera and those wishing to learn how to shoot better using manual settings. Do you want to improve your general photo taking skills? Learn about night-time urban landscapes and street art. AFFORDABLE PRICING This sponsored session is only $9/pp FUN WALKABOUT This is a fun to learn walkabout tour. Where questions will be answered by professional Portrait and Landscape photographer Cyrus. Covering the basics of photography and more. TOPICS TO COVER Cyrus prefers an interactive approach, so if you need clarification or guidance on a particular technique/subject please ask... Covering topics such as: • Nighttime Urban Photography • How to shoot in manual at night • Creative shooting with composition and perspective tips. • How to get what you want in focus. • Rules of shutter speed. • How to create bokeh (beautiful blurry backgrounds). • How to make a photo look blue or warm using white balance settings. • What does ISO do? • Finding interesting shots from challenging lighting conditions. • How to create art using creative settings and composition. • How to identify and capture beauty in a photograph. • Working with light and backgrounds at night. • Texture & interesting patterns. You are free to either follow the general group or to wander around and return when you have a question. WHAT YOU NEED • Closed shoes • Preferably an SLR camera, however, smartphone camera or compact camera is fine. • Enough battery & memory card space to last more than 2 hours. • A bottle of water (optional). • 1-3 lens (if you have an SLR) and a camera bag • Bring your widest lens for landscapes, and a macro if you have one. • A mini notepad and pen (optional) Notes If you would like to go with friends please ask them to RSVP directly _____________________________ Perth Learn Photography is an Act-Belong-Commit partner. Our members experience many mental health benefits on walkabouts and learning sessions. Photography is a liberating creative outlet, reducing stress & anxiety. Photography has the potential to inspires us as well. Photography has an empowering effect on many, especially: · Disadvantaged & marginalised communities · Youth · The elderly · The differently enabled Our sessions foster good community connection. Practicing photography may improve memory, may increase emotional intelligence and people skills. Photography has the potential to strengthen storytelling skills & self-confidence. After learning how to take better photos photographers generally feel a strong sense of fulfillment & achievement. MORE BENEFITS Fitness Taking photos is a physically active event. There's lots of walking, thinking, lifting the camera, controlling your breathing as you take a series of photographs.

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