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What we’re about

Hey All …

For these gatherings there is now a max of 14.
If you would like to attend, please send me an email and a list of Tuesday & Thursday evenings dates, you could be available. Over time I will fit you into the schedule.

Time of arrival is always open to when you can get here, but officially it is 7:30 - 9:20PM/ish

There is enough space in my driveway for 2 other vehicles. Use it.
Carpool with others if and when possible.

Community music making is truly a vehicle for change! When we play together, COMMUNICATION is conveyed by LISTENING to each other; we are in RELATIONSHIP, CONNECTING WITH OTHERS AND OURSELVES!!!
Together we will use spontaneous voices and inspirational songs that arise in the moment to create a convergence of rhythmic and vocal vibrations. Drumming together breaks down boundary's. The experience is FUN, UPLIFTING, LIBERATING & ENERGIZING. Joyfully, we connect and engage our spirit with the Greater Spirit. We travel to the Caribbean, Africa, Latin-America, the Mid East and more, without leaving the house!

General music guidelines …
When entering the musical space ...
Please be mindful to refrain from conversation if music is happening.
At the closure of our musical passages, honor the silence for a moment afterwards. As we are sitting in that silence, allow for the next stirrings of an idea to germinate. That unconscious noodling around is most often the seed of the next piece.  Allow it to emerge. Support it by tuning in and avoiding the temptation to chatter. As the evening proceeds at some point, we will have introductions.
Regarding the volume of our music making
We're a diverse group with diverse needs. Not everyone can have their ideal volume at every moment.  However, we should each be able to depart the evening feeling like our particular musical needs have been met at least some of the time.  With that in mind, here are some general guidelines to consider: Be mindful of being able to hear the quieter instruments.  We don't need to hear them all of the time, but if we listen for them some of the time, we'll create a more varied and interesting volume soundscape.  Always loud or always soft is boring. If you notice that ear plugs are being put in or that someone is leaving the space, check your own volume level.  Can you hear, and respond to, the music that others are making?  That said, I know there will be times that within the natural flow of a passage, we will feel compelled to rock out!  Those moments need to happen too!  But they also need to be balanced out with more subtle, gentler music.

You do not have to be a "musician" or "drummer" to attend. No prior musical experience is necessary. Ages from 7 to 70+ have participated. All instruments welcome! A large array of hand drums and other percussion instruments will be available to play, or bring your own.
I am a certified facilitator for, a workshop designed for learning the art of music improvisation. Location: E. Southampton Ave. Wyndmoor, Pa. 19038 Donation Sliding Scale: $20 - $15.00 - 215 233 0777