Turning Reinvention Failure into Future Success - Marc Miller of Career Pivot


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At the workshop, the group will engage in networking!

What to Bring:
- Something to write on and something to write with
- An "elevator" speech
- Business Cards (if you have some)
- One-page networking page (if you have one)
- A positive attitude and a mindset to learn, to both offer and accept suggestions, and to support others in career transition

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Ken Sher - Executive / Leadership Coach


Marc Miller has reinvented himself six times but has failed three times. He will discuss how he recovered from each and managed to make the failure a benefit. The key to recovering from reinvention failure is to fail fast if you are going to fail and learn from it. This topic applies to individuals who want to be entrepreneurial.


Marc Miller is the founder of Career Pivot, which helps those in the 2nd Half of Life design careers that they can grow into for the next 30 years. Marc authored the book Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide for the 2nd Half of Life published in April 2017. The 3rd edition of the book is due out in September of 2019.

Marc is also the podcast host of the award-winning Repurpose Your Career Podcast.

You can learn more about Marc, Career Pivot and the Repurpose Your Career podcast by visiting the Careerpivot.com.

Twitter: @CareerPivot