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Who Gets Your Crypto When You Die? The Basics of Digital Asset Planning

For June 2020, Philly Blockchain Tech is back with another pandemic approved digital-only event. This time, we're excited to welcome Jennifer L. Zegel, Esquire. Jennifer is Practice Leader of Kleinbard LLC’s Trusts and Estates Group. Her talk will cover what constitutes a digital asset and what steps are essential in including digital assets in estate planning. If you own and use crypto, this is probably a subject worth learning about! Jennifer maintains a traditional estates and trusts practice, but with a unique focus in the estate administration of digital assets. She is at the forefront of this emerging section of property transfers, which also overlaps and intersects with technology, privacy, and accessibility considerations. Jennifer is a frequent speaker on digital assets including blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and is dedicated to educating individuals on the importance of digital asset planning. She also frequently writes on the subject, recently co-authored What To Know About Estate Planning for Digital Assets (published in the Bloomberg Tax Management, Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal) and co-created the Digital Planning Podcast. As always, this edition of Philly Blockchain Tech is free and open to the community thanks to our amazing sponsors. We're excited to welcome two new sponsors this year. Our first sponsor is Splinterlands — The next generation of trading card games! This is one of the leading blockchain games in the world, and it's built by folks right here in Philly! If you're at all into these sorts of games, definitely check it out. https://splinterlands.io/ Our other amazing sponsor this month is Harbinger Systems. Harbinger Systems is a global company providing software technology services for independent software vendors and enterprises, with a specialization in product engineering. If your company needs product engineering expertise, visit https://harbinger-systems.com Please help spread the word about this meetup! While Philly Blockchain Tech aims to focus on the technical and entrepreneurial aspects of blockchain, all background and experience levels are welcome. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @PHLblockchain for news and information.

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