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Want to be a part of a musician group with a great vibe and no pressure / no judgement? That's us. We are the Philly Musical Achievers.

We don't care how well you play, just that you want to join in, have fun and even make some new friends. We don't care if you make mistakes, play the wrong chords, sing out of tune or anything else, just show up and do the best you can! This formula has worked incredibly well since we started in 2013! Many strong friendships have been made, bands have formed and many musicians who did not know each other prior to joining this group have shared the stage together during open mics, both at our meet ups and at other venues!

Our meetups are sometimes a bit mellow, sometimes chaotic and everything in between, but we like it that way! It is like a party with a bunch of cool musicians! We have an awesomely diverse membership and cover just about every genre of music.

Come give us a try! We look forward to meeting you!

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RANDOM THEME NIGHT - TAKE FOUR!!!! (Get your catalog of songs ready!)

It's been quite a while since I've used this evil form of torture on all of you.... and I want more of it!!!! MUAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!

Here is how it will work:

1) Just like our usual online open mic events, performer's names will be put on the wheel so they can be chosen at random.

2) We will have a SECOND wheel that will be spun.... that wheel will be comprised of THEMES!!!! The themes will be very broad to make it more amenable to all. Here are a few examples: 80's songs, Country, Rolling Stones, etc....

3) If you are chosen and you don't have a song for the theme that is chosen for you, then we'll just keep your name on the wheel and skip that turn and spin for someone else.Everyone gets ONE skip! BUT of course someone else can take the theme you passed on. If multiple people want that theme, then we will have a third wheel to select who gets it!

4) As usual, please be muted when others are playing.

This will be fun! Looking forward to it!

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Online Open Mic! It's cold out... so let's stay inside!!!

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