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Want to be a part of a musician group with a great vibe and no pressure / no judgement? That's us. We are the Philly Musical Achievers

We don't care how well you play, just that you want to join in, have fun and even make some new friends. We don't care if you make mistakes, play the wrong chords, sing out of tune or anything else, just show up and do the best you can! This formula has worked incredibly well since we started in 2013! Many strong friendships have been made, bands have formed and many musicians who did not know each other prior to joining this group have shared the stage together during open mics, both at our meet ups and at other venues!

Our meetups are sometimes a bit mellow, sometimes chaotic and everything in between, but we like it that way! It is like a party with a bunch of cool musicians! We have an awesomely diverse membership and cover just about every genre of music.

Come give us a try! We look forward to meeting you!

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IN PERSON Socially Distanced Meetup!!!!

Gojjos Ethiopian Restaurant

YES!!!! We will be meeting again in person on Saturday, October 24th on the upstairs rear deck at Gojjo! They put a heater back there in case it gets a little chilly! The attendee limit has not changed, we are keeping it at 8 people as we feel this is a safe number and it has worked well for us so far. IMPORTANT! This may seem obvious, but if you have been exposed to someone who has been infected within the last 14 days, please refrain from signing up. NOTE* If you have attended one of the recent in person meetups, please hold off on this one so other members can have a chance to attend if they want. These have been great so far. Everyone has done their best to respect the protocol and we can only continue this if we remain safe. It truly feels great to play with others in person and we want to be able to keep this up! Format will be - song circle for the first few hours / take a break / then play individual performances unplugged. Looking forward to seeing you!

Saturday Virtual Open Mic!

Online event

Hey Achievers! Happy Halloween! Let's make some scary music! Here are the notes for the Saturday, October 31st meetup: 1) Format: Someone will start, that person plays ONE song, they answer the question of the week and then they pick who is next. 2) Once everyone does one song, whoever wants to remain on the conference can and we can start a second round of songs. 3) No question this week, but you do get points for playing a Halloween - themed song! Double bonus points if you wear a costume! 4) VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!!!! Please mute when others are performing!!! 5) No special guest this meetup as far as we know. Hoping for the ghost of Jim Morrison to make an appearance! Here is the link and password to join the meeting: Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87432219793 Looking forward to seeing you!

Needs a date and time

Needs a location

There have been many great ideas suggested for some separate meetups either on Sundays or off weeks from our regular meetup. Here are some that have been suggested: - When the weather is nice - have a meetup outside in a park. - Have a meetup geared toward beginners only (this has been done before - and worked very well) - Have a meetup to focus on vocals where we can discuss our goals vocal wise and get feedback from each other / share techniques, etc.. - A specific guitar technique meetup - this would not be about chords or riffs, but more about strumming techniques, timing, fingerpicking, dynamics, etc.. - Hosting your own meetup! Some of us have done this, and usually have to limit the number of people, but if anyone wants to list one on the site, I'd be happy to do so. If any of you have more ideas - list them below. If you have another venue we can try for one of these, please share. You all are so awesome, that seeing you once every two weeks isn't enough! Let's do some more!

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Saturday Virtual Open Mic!

Online event

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