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PhillyXP's membership believes that the path forward for software development is in small, cross-functional teams that work together to continuously improve. We are dedicated to the continued exploration and education of Extreme Programming, Lean Software Development, Modern Agile, software craft, and continuous improvement. We encourage everyone interested in learning more about these topics to join us on this journey.

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Distributed Software Development - with Jeff Langr

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Distributed Software Development: Make It Run, Make It Right, Make It Stick

The world shifted in March 2020, forcing a dramatic shift in how we work on millions of software developers. Today, while some of us are returning to the office, many software development shops continue to work entirely distributed, but without a full understanding of how to use remote development to their advantage.

In this multi-part talk, Jeff Langr will talk about his several years of experience doing distributed software development and coaching. You’ll hear about some of the daily mechanics and tools used to help “make it run” in several different teams--particularly the “secret sauce” of mob programming using git handover. You’ll learn about the two rules that make mob programming effective, safe, and enjoyable. Finally, Jeff will talk about the core human elements essential to helping distributed development (and you) survive.

Some of us would love to not have to return to the office. Mob programming (also known as ensemble programming) is the best chance we have to demonstrate that staying at home can be just as effective.

About the speaker:
Jeff Langr is a software developer, coach, and trainer with four decades of experience. He’s recognized as the author of five books on software development, including Modern C++ Programming with TDD, Agile in a Flash (with Tim Ottinger), and Agile Java; he also wrote two chapters in Robert C. Martin’s best-selling book Clean Code. Jeff sits on the technical advisory board for The Pragmatic Bookshelf. He currently works with a pile of sharp folks at Industrial Logic (https://industriallogic.com).

At Jeff’s site (https://langrsoft.com), you’ll find several hundred blog posts, as well as links to 100+ articles published in numerous portals/magazines including PragPub, Medium, Software Development magazine, Informit.com, and Developer.com. Jeff has spoken at numerous user groups and conferences; he also provided the keynote for the first-ever technical conference at Marion Correctional Institute.

Jeff lives in Colorado Springs, US with his wife.

Getting Organizational Buy-in for Observability - with Brad Oyler

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Getting Organizational Buy-in for Observability

Gopuff, a household goods and food delivery platform, rapidly scaled during the pandemic and moved to distributed engineering teams. As the number of outages increased, Gopuff knew they had to gain a better understanding of what was going on across their multi-cloud environments. But building a culture of observability is not always an easy sell when your company is creating a new engineering team every week.

In this talk, Brad Oyler will share how he ultimately got organizational buy-in for prioritizing observability at Gopuff, leading to more effective software teams, and less miscommunication.

About the speaker:
Brad Oyler is the Engineering Manager for the SRE team at Gopuff, where they are tasked with helping mature their vertically integrated consumer tech into a generational tech platform. He’s been at Gopuff since 2019 and originally worked on the inventory and warehousing systems. Aside from SRE, he is passionate about web performance, GIS, data viz, and agile/lean methodologies. Prior to Gopuff, he worked at Trimble MAPS and NBC News.

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