What we're about

We will walk about in a park chatting and enjoying the beauty of the surroundings. Every now and then, we will stop and I will tell a short story illustrating a philosophical or psychological theme such as happiness, relationships, individuals and society, emotions, reason, madness, wisdom... (I have got books loaded with little gems...) At the end of the story, I will suggest one or two questions that we could use as conversation starters as we resume walking about...

This is not a group for scholars - though scholars are welcome - This is for people, and possibly dogs !
So let's not be put off by the word "philosophical" everyone can share a little piece of personal wisdom or experience !
Philosophical themes are: Happiness, love, illusions, passions, wisdom, how to be social without betraying ourselves, what do we believe in.... Great topics for great conversation.

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Talking sticks and social walk: About happiness

Outside Hampstead Underground Station (northern line)

More Taoist stories !

Hyde Park Near Speakers Corner

Taoist stories in Regent's Park

By Regent's park Garden cafe

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