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This group is open to anyone interested in philosophy. You don't have to have a philosophical background in order to join and discuss relevant issues. Our aim is to promote philosophy to the general public and raise awareness of practical implications that philosophy has in our everyday lives. We will discuss relevant topics through meetings and webinars, as well as via social media. We also want to debunk the misconception that philosophy is a purely theoretical activity or pure 'vita contemplative' and that is not of any practical help. Our main interest is in the philosophy of Kant, Schopenhauer and that of Nietzsche, although other philosophers will also be discussed.

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Beautiful and Sublime in Schopenhauer's Philosophy of Art

In this event I will give a short lecture on the subject of aesthetic phenomenons of beautiful and sublime in Schopenhauer's philosophy of art. As the general consensus of the philosophical scholars is that Schopenhauer has delivered one of the most powerful theories of art, I will explicate his view on art in general and then focus on the nature of the feelings of beautiful and sublime. I will also comment on his view about the fine arts and music, which he valued highly above all other arts. We will then have a discussion on the subject. You can read an abstract of the lecture on my website (blog page), http://www.philosophymatters.net You are also welcome to bring a friend (friends) who will be interested in the subject and willing to participate in our discussion. This event will be again free of charge. As we have been given access to the premises on a very friendly basis (short notice), I would kindly ask attendants to buy drinks or food during and after the event, so wee can show our apprecisation to the management.

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Schopenhauer's Moral Meaning of the World

The Square Pig

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