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May all be happy! Everyone wants to be happy. Philosophy's sole aim and motivation is to make happiness available to everyone.

Philosophy for all. Anybody can access the benefits of philosophy. Everybody can have that access through the discussions that are Philosophy in the Park.

Socrates implied that an examined life is a life worth living so we explore all aspects of life from many different angles. Many of them arising from questions from members' everyday lives, problems and sources of happiness.


Meeting together for discussions on various philosophical topics at the Buttercross tearoom in Central Park Peterborough and other places. Inspired by the Grantchester talks by the School of Philosophy, Cambridge (http://www.cbphilosophy.org)

First Saturday of each month at 10am in the park (except January when it varies).

All are welcome

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Is a society based on money a good thing?

Buttercross tearoom

Thank you for this question! It throws up a whole lot more. A good thing for whom? Are we really talking about money in essence at all and if not what? Is our society based on money? Is money necessary, evil or totally neutral? Has it had too much of a bad press or good press. What use is it? How could it be used for good or bad and what are those things anyway? Is there a system of society that could make money a particularly good thing? This should be fun!

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