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May all be happy! Everyone wants to be happy. Philosophy's sole aim and motivation is to make happiness available to everyone.

Philosophy for all. Anybody can access the benefits of philosophy. Everybody can have that access through the discussions that are Philosophy in the Park.

Socrates implied that an examined life is a life worth living so we explore all aspects of life from many different angles. Many of them arising from questions from members' everyday lives, problems and sources of happiness.


Meeting together for discussions on various philosophical topics at the Buttercross tearoom in Central Park Peterborough and other places. Inspired by the Grantchester talks by the School of Philosophy, Cambridge (http://www.cbphilosophy.org)

First Saturday of each month at 10am in the park (except January when it varies).

All are welcome

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Is there a place in the world for love and kindness or is there nothing else?

The world can seem harsh, unforgiving, a battle where the meanest win. Is there a place for love and kindness in this world? Or are they just whimsical ideas doomed to extinction? Alternatively are love and kindness all there is and the ills of the world simply misunderstadnings of how to achieve them? These are perennial questions and deserve exploration. Come and help us unravel this conundrum.

Blue Sky Thinking - Plato speaks to today's society

Newnham College, University of Cambridge

Dr David Horan of the Trinity Plato Centre, Trinity College Dublin explores and expands, through Plato's eyes, how society might find the best way that we might all co-exist peacefully. Plato's laws speak to us directly on how we can find new and creative opportunities to realise a more just and equitable society. The talk will be followed by an informal reception for further discussion. For just under £9 if booked before the end of March. To book securely online, please go to eventbrite - https://tinyurl.com/y4ertvss

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Is a society based on money a good thing?

Buttercross tearoom

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