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May all be happy!

Everyone wants to be happy. Philosophy's sole aim and motivation is to make happiness available to everyone.

Philosophy for all. - Anybody can access the benefits of philosophy. Everybody can have that access through the explorations that are Philosophy in the Park and Orchard.

Socrates implied that an examined life is a life worth living so we explore all aspects of life from many different angles. Many of them arising from questions from members' everyday lives, problems and sources of happiness.


Meeting together for discussions on various philosophical topics at the Willow tearoom in Central Park Peterborough, The Orchard Grantchester and other places.

First Saturday of each month at 10am in the park (except January when it varies). And the Orchard usually on the second Saturday.

All are welcome

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The Nature of Time

Bowling Pavilion

There are many things in this life that we can ignore or avoid.

And then there are others that are difficult to avoid, like taxation and email spam.

And then there are things that are impossible to avoid, and it is those things that we would be wise to understand in order to live life to the full.

Foremost among the unavoidables is Time.

But what is it? What is our relationship with it?

Are there diffierent types of time?

Does it happen at different speeds?

And there are many many more things to ask of it.

Come and explore, either at the Pavillion in Central Park or online at


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Principles or Pragmatism

The Orchard Tea Room

From Brexit to vaccines, from meat eating to veganism, and throughout the political, racial and religious worlds, we seem to be living in an ever more polarised world today.

Should we stand by our principles in such situations?

Or is there a case for a pragmatic approach?

Speaker: Michael Snow

In person and online.


Subject yet to be suggested - What do you want to explore?

The Bluebell Inn

Happy to sat that Pub philosophy is back thanks to the lovely people at the Blue Bell in Helpston

Moved from the usual January slot in the hope that we can all meet without too much fear of microorganisms.

Why the big question Mark?

The subject hasn't been set so please send me suggestions.

Looking forward to this one.


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Philosophy and Mindfulness

St Luke's Church


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