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May all be happy!

Everyone wants to be happy. Philosophy's sole aim and motivation is to make happiness available to everyone.

Philosophy for all. - Anybody can access the benefits of philosophy. Everybody can have that access through the explorations that are Philosophy in the Park and Orchard.

Socrates implied that an examined life is a life worth living so we explore all aspects of life from many different angles. Many of them arising from questions from members' everyday lives, problems and sources of happiness.


Meeting together for discussions on various philosophical topics at the Willow tearoom in Central Park Peterborough, The Orchard Grantchester and other places.

First Saturday of each month at 10am in the park (except January when it varies). And the Orchard usually on the second Saturday.

All are welcome

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Human beings or human doings? Action or inaction?

Bowling Pavilion

What is our aim in life?

To do everything we want to do or to be able to do nothing at all for as long as we like without any negative consequences?


There is so much packed away in this question, really looking forward to exploring it.

Surely a life relentlessly striving and doing, surviving and attaining is unsatifactory.

But the life of a constant couch potato with all sustainance and intellectual needs filled through a screen and takeaways sounds just plain dull.

What about solitarily contemplating the meaning of life in the depths of the wilds? Does that appeal ?

So where do we go from there? Does the life need meaning? And if so, how is that found?

See what I mean about so much packed into the question?

See you there.

The philosophy of Health

Needs a location

The rapid advancements in human biology have had an
impressive impact in advancing our physical health, however, a
similar level of progress has not taken place with our mental
health. Why? This talk will look at some of the reasons why that
is so, and offer some practical advice how to navigate better the
emotional aspects of our lives.
Speaker: Ranko Pinter

In person at Grantchester Village Hall, Vicarage Drive, Grantchester,
Cambridge CB3 9NG

Or online, using the Zoom link below

Meeting ID:[masked] Passcode: Health

The Wisdom within

The Quaker Meeting

Who doesn't want to be wise?

But what is it and why do we not have it all the time?

Why not find out how philosophy over the ages has helped in the search for answers?

A series of evening sessions seeks to do that.

£60 for the term. - Register here - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-philosophy-of-wisdom-tickets-520603367687

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Easy money and hard times

Grantchester Reading Room

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