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I volunteered to teach English at Covenant of Grace Christian Fellowship in March 1999. Although I haven’t been teaching none stop since, I have work at a number of different programs, utilizing a number of different curriculums/tools. I’m in the process of starting one at my own church, but we need far more. The biggest hindrance that I’ve seen over the years when trying to recruit volunteers is that a lot of people think that it’s harder than it really is, and requires more qualification then is actually necessary.

My goal is not just to give potential volunteers the confidence that they need to teach, but to show churches the full scope of how a small class can blossom into opportunities for ministry that they might not otherwise have. Please PM me if you already have a class you would like to promote on this page. You will also find a thread in the “Discussion” section if you want to be a volunteer.

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I first became volunteer English teacher at Covenant of Grace Christian Fellowship in March 1999. I have since volunteered in many capacities for the refugee community; include being involved with a number of different English class formats. I would like to host a symposium in order to discuss the different Adult English class formats. Because there are not close to enough classes out there to meet the demand, it is my hope that by recording this event and posting it on social media will encourage the creation of more classes. This requires that potential volunteers be confident that they can create a format that will enable them to be successful. The format of the symposium has me being the lead presenter who will give a “skeleton presentation” that the assisting organizations can “flesh out.” I have worked with, as well as observed, many different organizations that provide adult English classes. This enables me to give a detailed assessment of the strengths and weakness of not just the formats, but the venues that host them. So instead of forcing square students and volunteer teachers into round formats, we help everyone find the format that works best for them. If you would like for your organization to assist, then please contact me so I can provide you with more details.

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Elder Refugee Program for English

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