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Celebrating our 1 year Anniversary on Meetup.com. We are Gamers that just want to introduce fun Multiplayer Games, good people, and lots of fun for +21yr olds.

Too many Gamers rely on playing games online nowadays, what happened to the original multiplayer gaming with your friends in your living room? This is what we want to bring back. We want that excitement and playful trash talk that only local multiplayer can bring. Beginners are totally welcome, we'd love to have you discover the same passion that we have for games.

We aim to bring a lot of fan favorite games for Game Nights spanning from classic N64 to current generation consoles. We also play our fair share of awesome board games!

So whether it's the perfectly aimed turtle shell in Mario Kart, the co-operative dungeon crawling in Diablo, the impossible last second goals in Rocket League, the comeback win in Street Fighter, or the critical roll of dice that you are looking for, then we have you covered!

***If you are interested in hosting events, please contact Willy G. (Organizer) we are always looking for people that are interested in organizing more events***

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EVG Gaming Social Hangout

22149 E Ocotillo Rd

Here's an event from our sister group, East Valley Gaming:

We are hosting a social gaming hangout intended to be a casual, down to earth event held at someone's home where people can make small talk and play a variety of games. We plan to have a variety of games present at this event: board games, card games, video games, etc. You are welcome to bring your own games as well. Please note that we typically hold these events in someone's home so please be courteous of the owner's living space.

Please contact our host Stefan for the address prior to attending

Due to this being a public group we prefer not to post home addresses publicly. The listed address is just a placeholder near the actual location, please remember to ask our host Stefan for the address prior to attending.

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The Grid: Games and Growlers

525 S Gilbert Rd

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