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Celebrating our 1 year Anniversary on Meetup.com. We are Gamers that just want to introduce fun Multiplayer Games, good people, and lots of fun for +21yr olds.

Too many Gamers rely on playing games online nowadays, what happened to the original multiplayer gaming with your friends in your living room? This is what we want to bring back. We want that excitement and playful trash talk that only local multiplayer can bring. Beginners are totally welcome, we'd love to have you discover the same passion that we have for games.

We aim to bring a lot of fan favorite games for Game Nights spanning from classic N64 to current generation consoles. We also play our fair share of awesome board games!

So whether it's the perfectly aimed turtle shell in Mario Kart, the co-operative dungeon crawling in Diablo, the impossible last second goals in Rocket League, the comeback win in Street Fighter, or the critical roll of dice that you are looking for, then we have you covered!

***If you are interested in hosting events, please contact Willy G. (Organizer) we are always looking for people that are interested in organizing more events***

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Laura & Blake's last gamer night!

Kat and Willy's home

Our dearest members, Laura and Blake, will be moving and this will be their last Meetup in Arizona. We want to give them a good farewell before they move. Laura and Blake have been with Phoenix Multiplayer Gamers since practically the beginning and they will be missed greatly. This Meetup is a farewell get together for two of our members and so we will not be accepting new members at this time. We will open it to everyone when it gets closer to the event day. There will be food and drinks(byob. You are not required to bring anything but are more than welcome to. We have the Nintendo Switch and the PS4, which we will probably play on the most we also have other consoles if anybody desires to play them as well. If you have any particular games you want to bring let us know. You can already expect some MarioKart and Rocket League. Anybody wants to bring extra controllers for any system that would be great! If you have any questions please let us know. Please message me for the exact address / contact info. FYI we do have a cat and a dog who are amazing, clean and well mannered. However please do not feed them or leave food or drinks on the ground.

Nintendo Switch - gauging interest
Needs a date and time


Not an official event as of yet, but I'm curious as to whether people would be interested (to the point of attending) a Switch multiplayer event. I know Switch doesn't have that many multiplayer games yet, and I don't have many on my system either, but it could be fun to share play multiplayer games among the group, or if we play it on a TV, potentially taking turns playing single player games. I'm gauging interest at the moment, so let me know in the comments what you think, potential locations, and/or games you can share.

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Chandler - retro Shooter Game Day

4020 W Ray Rd

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