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Welcome, Bienvenido, Bienvenue, Welkom, Wäljkiimen, Benvenuti - there are over 325 languages to express the word - I'll spare you the rest. The Photographic Artists and Models Association is an organization with diverse people with diverse camera and lighting skills drawn to the art of photography. If you were a member of the former Club (Tampa Bay Photography Club) , you are automatically part of this group.

There are several new changes you must be aware of. First, this group intendedto provided various skill level photographers, models, hair and makeup artists an opportunity to hone or expand their skill set while working in a safe and challenging environment. Secondly, events will be designated for different skill levels. For instance, there might be events tailored for beginner, intermediate or advance level photographers. Each event will be designated as:

(1) BPE - Beginner Photography Events - These might be classes or general events that don't require lighting or other advance skills. Generally speaking, if you just got a new camera or are still shooting in AUTO mode, these events are for you.

(2) IPE- Intermediate Photography Events - these events are designed to provide more skilled shooters with more challenging shooting opportunities (i.e. studio, special lighting requirements, and specialized modeling events. Most scheduled events will fall into this category and will require photographers to be familiar with their camera and lighting equipment. Knowing your gear is crucial when working with models and coordinating with other skilled shooters. Intermediate shooter are welcome to attended beginner events either as a participant or an assistant.

(3) APE- Advance Photography Events- these event are geared for advanced shooters who intimately know the camera, lighting and specialized gear and are comfortable shooting in all sorts of studio environments. These events will be PAID events and the group will range from four (4) to twelve (12) photographer on average. The goal is to CREATE ART using your camera skills, directing and posing your models and post processing. Every attempt will be made to provide a good ratio of models to photographers.

(4) MPE - Mixed Photography Events- these events are open to the membership and will include photowalks, photo challenges and instructional classes. Generally, these events will not require the participation of models.

Membership Fees - There will be annual membership fee of ten ($10.00) to defray the cost of Meetup and other administrative fees. Fees will be collected at next event you attend. You will be mark PAID and your membership is valid until December 31. A PayPal link may be made available to those wishing to pay online.


The following individuals have stepped up to the plate to help make this a fun, informative and creative group of photographic artists and models.

Co-organizer: Raymond Black, Jeff Titterington, Jason Zalva, and Bobby Atkinson

Assistant Organizers: Nicole Desiree Hays (Hair, Make-up and Special Events), Melissa Morris (Model Coordinator

How events are organized?

Any organizer can schedule an event as long as it meets the general goals of the group. Models and and other members are encouraged to submit any themed events they like to do. Keep in mind, model events should have 4 models in attendance for a successful shoot unless a smaller group is participating in an Advance Photography.

Shooting Venues:

Gallopsville Photo Studios has worked collaboratively with the former group and I anticipate that the relationship will continue to prosper with this Meetup group. Scott Gallops has provided excellent studio rental rates for our group and we will continue to use this venue as our primary studio.

Amber Urioste has also agreed to rent her studio to our group and I hope to work with her as well.


My vision for this group is to transcend from merely taking pictures to creating art using light, in every form, processing images that transform pixels into art. The process begins by knowing your equipment, using what you own, post processing to create unique images and sharing knowledge with the membership. Ever wonder how a certain photographer captured that shot? How was it processed? Why that composition? How did they light the subject? Then this is a Meetup group you'll come to enjoy. Tell a friend and come and join us!

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