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What we’re about

This is a social event centered around playing pickleball. If you want to play pickleball, have fun, make new friendships, enjoy refreshments then come to Scarborough for our Pickleball Mixer! 

An instructor will teach anyone who doesn't know how to play pickleball.

Event will be in a "ladder" format:  Four players take the court and play 3 games of pickleball. At the end of each game, every player switches partners until everyone in the group has played a game with each of the other players as a partner. Next, players move up or down one court according to his/her winning percentage. Then all courts play another 3 games in the same way.

You must bring your own paddle (paddles found at any sporting goods store). Wear clothes appropriate for playing sports. Tennis shoes or sturdy sneakers are a must! Bringing a bottle of water is recommended.