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This group is for those who need or desire knowledge and options for a healthier lifestyle to stave off or delay the onset of diabetes, as well as many other health conditions. Knowledge is power and so we will join together to increase our knowledge and power to live a happier and healthier life!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established the CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) (www.cdc.gov/diabetes/prevention/recognition) as part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (www.cdc.gov/diabetes/prevention). In a CDC-recognized lifestyle change program, you’ll learn, laugh, share stories, try new things, and build new habits—all while lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes and improving your health.

This group will offer information sessions and fun activities that are intended to help you to take control of your health. Information and open sessions are free to anyone and everyone!

Additionally, those who want to make a significant commitment to improve their health from a pre-diabetic or diabetic condition are encouraged to sign up for the ongoing program (registration required). It is easy to get started in the program and please feel free to ask any questions that you may have!

Key components of the program include:
*A warm and inviting, nonjudgemental and caring environment.
*CDC-approved curriculum with lessons, handouts, & other resources to help you make healthy changes.
*A lifestyle coach, specially trained to lead the program, to help you learn new skills, encourage you to set and meet goals, and keep you motivated. The coach will also facilitate discussions and help make the program fun and engaging.
*A support group of people with similar goals and challenges. Together, you can share ideas, celebrate successes, and work to overcome obstacles. Participants often stay in touch with each other during the week. It may be easier to make changes when you’re working as a group rather than doing it on your own.
*A celebration of your life and well-being!

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