What we're about

If you are:
- an emerging playwright
- an experienced playwright
- a curious writer who wants to write plays
- someone who just wants someone to share your plays with
- looking for a "testing ground" for your play


1. We are all in quest for that one unique inspiration to ignite our pens to write. So, we'll give ourselves at least a month or two to write.
2. We can meet in one of the function rooms in my condo or in a cafe for a reading workshop.
3. Anyone can volunteer his/her work for the Play (or Scene) of the Month at a venue of his/her choice.
4. We will communicate via email or WhatsApp group.
5. At least THREE committed members are needed in order to meet up.
6. We are here to "workshop" our work. We will be vigilant critics, but we will do it constructively and respectfully.
7. To protect our work, hard copies will be given during the sharing. All hard copies will be returned to the playwright. However, it's also up to the Playwright to share his/her work digitally.

Write. Workshop. Let the WORD out.

Upcoming events (1)

Meet Up #3: ReadingLab: Kavi's play

8 Woodleigh Cl

Thank you, Catherine and Kavi for attending last Meetup. It was sooo much fun! Thank you for giving such unique voices to the characters in my play. Next month is Kavi's turn to be heard! I am encouraging everyone to come and listen to the works of your co-members. Reading aloud and critiquing plays are nerve-wrecking and FUN at the same time! We hope more people will come! Sincerely, Kristine

Past events (2)

Meet Up #2: ReadingLab: Kristine's play

8 Woodleigh Cl

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