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Scrum is way of life. You can see Scrum everywhere. This group is for people who are interested in playing Scrum to solve day to day problems. The purpose to learn about Scrum through practical experience sharing and games. While the focus is on Scrum, we will not shy away from exploring other areas that help playing Scrum better.

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PO transformation to an Entrepreneur - Market Segmentation

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Let's continue from the last meetup. This meetup is continuation of Market segmentation. The product is a solution to the problem. Thus, the success of a product depends on the problem it solves. In this meet up, let’s start by identifying the Ideas out of the problems and understand its importance. Once the problem is identified, it’s time to validate if the problem really exists. This is done through talking to the real end users. This step is critical in that, it validates and gives you insights into what end users think of the problem you have identified. But, before you talk to the end users, it’s important to identify your customers so that we are Customer Focused. Let’s spend some time understanding how do we validate the problem we have identified and what should be our actions based on the outcome of the validations. In this meet up, we will learn: • Primary market research • Market Segmentation • Beachhead market

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