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This group is for Agile enthusiasts and practitioners to come together and discuss the day to day issues they face with Agility Thinking and to find answers together. This is organized and sponsored by Leanpitch (https://leanpitch.com (https://leanpitch.com/)).

We will have weekly webinars names "Agility Tuesdays" and monthly meetups for Agility Thinking. For more details visit, https://agilitythinking.io (https://agilitythinking.io/)

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Lessons Learnt from India in implementing SAFe across Fortune 500 Majors

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💡Topic of Discussion
In this webinar, the speaker will walk through the SAFe implementation roadmap and share his experiences in implementing SAFe from India, the Dos and Don’ts in each of those steps and summarize the critical success factors.

✨ Facilitator: Mahesh Varadharajan - Scrum Master Manager @ Accenture
(LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/maheshvaradharajan/ )
Mahesh Varadharajan is a passionate Agile Evangelist, playing an instrumental role in creating learning organizations and truly awesome workplaces. A seasoned Enterprise Agile Coach, with nearly 14 years of experience in Information Technology, including leading and coaching Agile teams. He is a SAFe SPCT Candidate, Business Agility Enabler, Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach and Leader, Scaled Agile Trainer, Speaker, at Accenture Advanced Technology Center, India. Mahesh has been working with Scaling Agility since 2014.
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