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London weekly Friday DAYTIME playtest (Waterloo)
Newcomers: By coming, you will be helping to improve the next generation of boardgames. Playtesting can be very different to playing a published game but we hope you will find the experience even more rewarding and mentally stimulating. If you can come as early as possible, that would be helpful. It helps if we are able to grab a couple of tables before the venue gets super-busy. We have 3 'slots'. 11am-12:30pm, 1:00-2:30pm, 3:00-4:30pm. During each slot, designers will teach their game(s), then everyone will play and discuss it. It is up to the designer(s) to lead the discussion. You can come to just one or two of the slots if you wish. If you arrive before the start of a new slot, that will let you easily join in. Between 'slots', we might visit the cafe, eat packed lunch, get to know each other, or fiddle with phones. The venue opens at 10am and some of us arrive soon after to grab tables. We normally socialise & chat until 11am. By 10:15, there should be a couple of us around. If you can, let us know when you are able to come and which game(s) are of most interest. Other things you may want to know: - You do not need to bring anything. - You can bring a packed lunch/snacks to eat. - There is a cafe at the bottom, where you can grab a sandwich. - There is usually a market of street food just outside. - If you have any questions/queries/anxieties/comments/concerns, please write below! - Royal Festival Hall is open 10am-11pm every day. Very occasionally, we stick around after the official end to chat or play more games. Depending on what's happening at the venue, we may be forced to move at 5pm anyway. ===================================== Game designers: Taking time to test others' designs and sharing your plans helps these playtests run smoothly. Failing to turn up, or only playing your own designs are both potential issues. As such, it really helps if you: a) let us know ahead of time (ideally, by Wednesday) what you're wanting to playtest, how many people are needed and whether you'll need one slot, half a slot or more than one slot to have a proper test and subsequent discussion. b) playtest other people's thing far more often than you show your own things. We have a system of 'meta-rules' and points, which you can ask about. :-) We look forward to helping you with your designs.

Level 5, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

Belvedere Road, London · SE1 8XX


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We are a friendly group of board/card game designers and playtesters set up in London in 2010. We meet to play games and each other's design prototypes.

Everyone is welcome to join us and bring along their own designs or settle down to play and give their opinion. Ever designed a game and wanted to see how it plays? Enjoy playing games and being creative? Do you know what makes a game fun? Don't leave your game ideas sitting on the shelf gathering dust; show them off at the next Playtest meetup and get feedback direct from the players. We look forward to welcoming you at the next meetup!

We have regular playtesting meetups across the country in London, Cambridge, Newcastle, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds, Enfield, Bath, Norwich, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Cornwall, Oxford, Dundee, Oxford, Southampton and SE London.

We host public playtesting at UK Games Expo, Dragonmeet, Essen, London Toy Fair and a few other events during the year. We also run game jams and designer/publisher speed dating events throughout the year.

Please see our listings for details of dates and times. There is a monthly group newsletter.

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