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Important changes as of August 1, 2018 written below.

Hi Everyone,

So my summer break is wrapping up and I am ready to start hosting some games again. As you might already know, this group has been around for a long time (2008) as San Francisco Bay Area Poker Meetup. The group was about to close (April 2017) so I "saved" it on the last day with the hopes of keeping it alive as an SF poker group with multiple hosts and a resource for players. There were over 1500 players in the group at that time so it seemed like the perfect place to do that and get some games going. Since life happens, interests change and people move the group needs to be paired down based on activity this last year (participation in games/visits to the SFBAPM page/Meetup.com) to make it more manageable and to get the group full of active/plan to be active members. Do you know you want to stay in the group but can't play anytime soon? No worries!!! Shoot me a line and let me know or please just join again if you are removed and want to stay. My goal is to get the group down to less than 500 active/interested players in the next month.

Also the name has changed to reflect that I seemed to be the main person hosting under this group so it is less about SFBAP right now and more about games at my place. So goodbye SFBAPM and hello Poker in The Haight. To keep the spirit of getting as many accessible home games going in SF, I am happy to put the word out if you are hosting a game.

Looking forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming poker games or other poker tables around SF ;)

About most games: (See each individual game for specifics.)
--RSVP's will open 3 days before game at 4:00pm
--9 max set for the game
--If you are on the waitlist please change your RSVP to a NO if you don’t think you would be able to fill in the day of the game.
--You must respond to Meetup email from me (sent a day before game) by texting me to introduce yourself and get the address by 12pm the day of the game or your seat will go to a waitlister. ***Make sure to change your Meetup settings so you get email from this meetup group!***

Thanks for following the above RSVP method so that all who want to play can play.

Remember to show up if you RSVP, don't ask for or post my address, BYOB etc, and bring small bills.


Be nice.

Show up when you RSVP and be timely about canceling.

Follow host's house rules (poker and home.)

--This group does not and shall never collect a rake. All money paid towards games is eligible to be won by the players. Players might be asked if they can contribute to Meetup fees or the group's budget for supplies like good cards etc.

**Attending any event with this Meetup means you have read and agree to this code of conduct.**

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