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Greetings to our fellow Pagans, Witches & Heathens!

Do you find spiritual inspiration and enchantment in the beauty of Nature?
Is your soul drawn to the mystery, magic and mystique of the ancient ways?
Does your heart swell with love and burn with devotion for the Many True Gods?

If any or all of that sounds like you, then we would love to have you join us for pagan fellowship and fun, reading and study groups, chant/drum circles and waxing moon rites, and intelligent, in-depth round-table discussions on timeless issues as they relate to the rebirth of paganism today.

Our main emphasis will be on the important religious, spiritual and philosophical dimensions of paganism. We will also touch on other topics occasionally, such as history, science and magic. The Pomona Valley Wicca/Pagan meetup is intended to be a safe haven for pagans of all kinds to open up our hearts and minds, and dig a little deeper within as we share our thoughts and feelings about our chosen spiritual path within a circle of friends.

Our meetups are open to men and women who follow any pagan, pantheist and/or polytheist path, including but not limited to: Traditional Wicca, traditional witchcraft and eclectic witchcraft, Druidry and Celtic religion, Norse and Germanic Heathenry, Hellenic (Greek) and Roman paganism, Kemetic (Egyptian) paganism, Thelema, Theosophy, Taoism, Hinduism and shamanism. While our meetups are intended mainly for adults over 18, well-mannered teens are also welcome to attend when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How you relate to the Gods and/or metaphysical ideas within paganism is up to you, of course. We welcome agnostic pantheists as well as devout polytheists. Even those who follow a monotheist or atheist path are welcome to attend as occasional guests, so long as they are friendly, open-minded and respectful of pagan religions, and make no attempts to 'convert' others to their own path.

The strength of the pagan movement today is in its diversity, so we welcome a broad spectrum of divergent beliefs, practices and viewpoints. The watchword and magic key to safeguard harmony, good will and mutual respect among pagans within our diverse community is our sincere willingness to “agree to disagree.”

As we gain more members over time, the intention is for some Wicca meetups to branch off from the general pagan meetups. Wicca is only one of many pagan religions, but about half of modern pagans in the U.S. today consider themselves to be Wiccan. To best serve the whole community - and to avoid confusing Wicca with generic paganism - it may help to hold two different types of meetups.

We will probably have two Wiccan meetups and two Pagan meetups per month. As we get started this summer, we will probably meet either at local parks on Sunday mornings, or else at an inexpensive restaurant on a weeknight. Later we can hopefully rent rooms for classes as needed, find parks to hold moonlight rites, and so on. We also hope to network with local covens and groves and other pagan groups that offer training; as well as offer some Wicca 101 and advanced classes, and a generic pagan study group.

If you're looking to connect with fellow pagans, witches, heathens and other kindred souls for in-depth discussion of the many aspects of walking the spiritual path, please join us as we explore, reflect upon and celebrate the vibrant reawakening and verdant blossoming of pagan religions today.

Merry Meet, and Blessed Be!

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