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Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human habitats, in harmony with the larger ecosystems of which they are a part. Anyone can use it: starting where they are, with what they have.

This group is a great place to learn about regenerative design, urban agriculture, animal husbandry, edible fungi, bioremediation, aquaculture, rainwater harvesting, local food systems, alternative economics, community living, soil-building, and much much more...

This Meetup is sponsored by the City Repair Project (http://www.cityrepair.org/), a non-profit facilitates artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking (http://www.cityrepair.org/our-projects/) through projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world. City Repair has accomplished many projects through a mostly volunteer staff (http://www.cityrepair.org/organizers/)and thousands of volunteer (http://www.cityrepair.org/volunteer-intern/) citizen activists. We provide support, resources, and opportunities to help diverse communities reclaim the culture, power, and joy that we all deserve.

Besides City Repair activities, this Meetup displays workshops, presentations, workparties, and shindigs of other Permaculture organizations and educators in places all around the Portland metro area.

Upcoming events (5+)

Seed Exchange

Peoples Food Co-op: Community Room

Let’s get together and share seeds for the 2019 season. This event will take place in the Community Room. For the seed exchange to go smoothly, please do the following: *Please bring seeds to share. *Please clearly label your seeds with the species name, variety, year harvested, and location. *If your seeds had potential for cross pollinating with other varieties, please indicate that you have isolated your variety. If you are not familiar with this, please ask someone for help when you arrive at the event. *Indicate if your seeds are open-pollinated or hybrids. **Please do not bring unknown seeds, invasive plants, or seeds that are too old to germinate reliably. We consider seeds that are more than 6 years old, too old. If your seeds are between 2-4 years old, we may want to combine them with other seeds for making seedballs. Bring containers to take seeds home in (small jars, empty packets, etc) Some masking tape, markets, and other useful tools for labelling seed will be provided, but feel free to bring your own too. Here’s the way the Seed Exchange will work: All seeds will be placed out on tables, by category, and we observe the honor system. If you have unopened packets of seed that you would like to share a portion of, please separate out what you want to keep prior to coming. No GMO or fumigated seeds please….

Intro to Permaculture - A Weekend Intensive- 10-Year Anniversary special 50% off

**50% off our advertised class fee when you sign up before the end of our PDX Permaculture 10-Year Anniversary Events Week on Jan 20!** *Holiday Gift Certificates available upon request.* This weekend-long workshop is intended for the permaculture enthusiast and newcomer alike who share a desire to better grasp the fundamentals of permaculture design. Permaculture design assists us in improving our daily lives while shifting the impact of our endeavors from degenerative towards regenerative and life-enabling. This introductory weekend prepares you for seeing the world from a different perspective, through a reconfigured and refocused lens, where so many more of the details and possibilities come more clearly into focus. It helps open the faucet of the immense potential you have to make a greater impact towards your goals with the time and the resources you already spend. Practically, this workshop is modeled after the introductory weekend of a permaculture design course, adjusted to serve you as a one-weekend springboard into the rest of your life as a conscious designer and thoughtful implementer. Topics include: *Foundations of permaculture *Ethics & Principles that guide permaculture designs *Base Mapping your Site *Assessment tools: Zone & Sector Analysis *Observation & Pattern Recognition *Permaculture farm tour *Strategies for applying Permaculture Design in your daily life Please bring a lunch each day. Coffee and tea provided.

City Repair Presents: Village Building Emergence

Carvlin Hall

For over 20 years The City Repair Project has been supporting communities in reclaiming and taking design ownership over public space, over the space they inhabit. City Repair has accomplished over 700 projects through a mostly volunteer staff, thousands of volunteer citizen activists, and from generous support from businesses and other nonprofits. We cordially invite you to our Village Building "Emergence" — a night of celebration and gratitude through dinner, music, visual art, and storytelling. We will share our 2018 community impact and goals for the next placemaking season, which includes an opening presentation from our co-founder, Mark Lakeman. This night is also a fundraiser for 19th annual Village Building Convergence, a 10-day event where 30 to 50 of the communities that City Repair serves simultaneously install placemaking projects. **Go to this Eventbrite Ticketing page to purchase tickets: https://vbe2019.eventbrite.com Purchasing a ticket includes a nourishing dinner and a seat to watch presentations, storytelling, and live music performances. There will also be herbal elixirs, sweet treats, raffle prizes, City Repair merchandise, local art, and community-supported auction items available for purchase. Ticket prices are based on a sliding-scale, with full tables as an option as well. Your contributions ensure that City Repair continues to provide support, resources, and opportunities that help diverse communities reclaim the culture, power, and joy that we all deserve. SCHEDULE: 5:00-6:00pm: Arrivals/Mingling 6:00-7:00pm: Nourishing Dinner 6:30-6:45pm: Opening Announcements 6:45-7:15pm: Mark’s Lakeman’s “Village Lives” Talk 7:15-7:30pm: Thanking Major Sponsors & Donors 7:30-9:00pm: Auction & Placemaker Storytelling 9:00-10:00pm: Live Music Performances **Go to this Eventbrite Ticketing page to purchase tickets: https://vbe2019.eventbrite.com

Monthly work-party public day at Jean's Farm

Jean's Urban Farm

As the seasons progress, our activities each month will match what's happening on the land. Looking ahead into the New Year, January and February will be focused on habitat restoration projects. We'll always have hot coffee and tea, and a simple farm lunch around 1pm. On cold days, we'll also have a warming fire in our yurt. Beginning in March, depending on conditions, seed starting picks up, and planting activities are common for the rest of the growing season.

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