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Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human habitats, in harmony with the larger ecosystems of which they are a part. Anyone can use it: starting where they are, with what they have.
This group is a great place to learn about regenerative design, urban agriculture, animal husbandry, edible fungi, bioremediation, aquaculture, rainwater harvesting, local food systems, alternative economics, community living, soil-building, and much much more. We try to offer one-off learning opportunities, educational work parties and opportunities to take a course to get your Permaculture Design Certificate.

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Resilient Land Design Series: Soil & Grasslands (and animals & fire!)

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There's so much great info about trees, food forests, etc., but to be most effective as agents and actionists of land regeneration, we will benefit a great deal through a deeper understanding of soil, grasslands and the roles that fire and animals traditionally hold in maintaining ecological balance. Join Starhawk and Charles Williams for this 6-session online mini-course that they offer as part of their Resilient Land Design series.


Mini-course topics:


  • Soil Analysis. Soil biology and chemistry. Regenerative theory of soil management

  • Strategies for Soil Healing and Management. Regenerative strategies for urban settings and large-scale farming systems. Building and maintaining healthy soils. We will discuss no-till, compost teas, ferments, crop covers, biochar.

  • Animals as Soil Builders. The role of animals in building soil and carbon sequestration. Adaptive strategies for different situations and places


  • Indigenous Fire Management and Implementing Your Soil Goals. Fire for land management and healing. Evaluating holistic goals for soil health

  • Practical Soil Management with Animals. Details of animal management, including fencing, water, and care. Evaluating challenges in your restoration system and identifying strategies for success

  • And More!

INFO & REGISTRATION through the Earth Activist Training website. **Fees vary and based on individual or group, financial ability and diversity scholarships!**

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Downtown Afro Earth Day Celebration!

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