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Merlot + Chocolate = Silky Satisfaction - BYOB or Just Taste in Vancouver

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Merlot has had a tough few years, since the scene in the movie "Sideways" where wine snob Miles says :

"No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!"

After that movie became popular, Pinot sales soared and Merlot sales plummeted, because people thought it wasn't cool to drink Merlot.

Funny thing is, in another scene in that movie Miles drinks his most prized bottle, a 1961 Cheval Blanc , which is a right Bank Bordeaux which just happens to be a 75% Merlot blend. So much for not drinking Merlot Miles.

Well at this MeetUp we will drink some "Fucking" Merlot. Personally, I love Merlot, those silky Black Cherry - Plum flavors in good Merlot are very enticing.

One other thing about this Meetup, I will be bringing a selection of Chocolates that should pair well with the Merlots. I have been meaning to do a chocolate and wine pairing for a while and Merlot is one the best varietals to pair with chocolate.

LIMIT 20 PEOPLE - I will also post this on the Portland Weekly Wine Group ( with a Limit of 8 and here on NorthWest Wine Lovers ( with a limit of 12. so 20 total. Please only RSVP once.

$5 if you bring a bottle, $10 to just taste. We will put the fees in a pot and the winner (whoever brings the best rated bottle will take home the pot (Minus food expense). Blind Tasting.

Meat and Cheese plates provided.

Great Value event, the last 8 times, everyone got their fill, and the winner took home money for bringing the best wine.

Once again, whoever brings the best wine (Blind rated), will take home the pot. If we get 10 people to show, the after expense pot should be at least $50, Last week the winner took home $95.

We will taste blind and rate using the Robert Parker 100 point system.

Think you know Merlot? Bring a bottle and let's find out. If you bring the best bottle, you will go home with the winnings. Last time the winner took home $95, week before the pot was $80.

Starts at 7PM, but feel free to show up early, I always have a bottle or 2 open.


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