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September Red Tent
Come Celebrate the Autumn Equinox with us at our September Red Tent! September 22, Sat. 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm What better way to celebrate the equinox than with other women whose lives are marked by cycles? Whether you still have your moon or not, we all roll with the cosmic ebb and flow. There is beauty and value in honoring the peaks and transition points of these phases in our lives. It is the summer’s great last heat, It is the fall’s first chill: They meet. –Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt 7:00-8:00 Breaking bread and socializing Potluck Dinner 8:00-9:30 Ceremony 9:30-10:30 Connecting, pampering, reflecting and celebrating Tickets: $14 ea. or 2 for $20 in advance, online thru Fri. 10/21. Link to buy tickets: At private residence on Mt. Tabor in SE Portland. Address provided upon registration. We will be closing the doors at 8:00 so as not to disturb the ceremony. Dress: Come dressed comfortably, beautifully and ideally in something feminine. Bring: A dish to share, something for the altar (that you will take back home) in honor of a female ancestor: a talisman, shell, flower, crystal, love notes or something else that speaks to you. Join the conversation on Facebook. Red Tents are for all women. We honor our monthly cycles as well as the cycles and stages of women's lives -- maiden, matron and crone. Come honor your cycle and the divine feminine with us! It's time to form a community of sisterhood and give voice to that which has been silenced for too long. By coming together, we empower ourselves and women everywhere. Have you ever wished you could tap into your feminine power by plugging into a space apart from the daily tug of obligation, a place where women are honored, where you can relax, reflect, be nourished, get pampered and rejoice in being a woman? We have. Come join us! It is wonderful to see our sisterhood and community grow and it's important to keep it growing! Please invite friends, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc. A little about the facilitator, Susan Landa: Susan's been hosting Red Tents for over 4 years. Her passion is in empowering women and helping heal the imbalance of masculine/feminine energy on the planet. Susan's ultimate goal is to create brick and mortar Red Tents. Read more about Susan:

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    If you believe women should have a place to go to in order to connect with other women, relax, reflect and celebrate what it means to be a woman, then this group is for you.

    My name is Susan Landa and I live in Portland. Years ago when I read The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant, it awakened a call in me. Each month when my moon came around, I’d think, “Darn it! I wish there was a red tent I could go to!” I felt the void not only for myself, but for all women. My mission is to make the red tent concept more mainstream, encouraging women to honor and celebrate their cycles easily. I believe our culture is ready for this paradigm shift- from dishonoring to revering the female moon cycle.

    I’m working to start a business of modern day red tents. The first one will be in our hometown and will serve as a model to franchise. When I have amassed enough followers, I will crowd source the start-up capital. Please share my FB page , website, connect with us on Twitter @MyMoondays, and Pintrest and help spread the word so this can become a reality. Here are some of the benefits of the business model:

    • It will encourage women to take time out for themselves and be with other women, reflect, get feedback, learn, relax and pamper themselves.

    • The space would be open and easily accessible every day! Women could come and go or stay for a while.

    • It would give women meaningful jobs and a means to own their own businesses through the franchise system.

    • It would be a fixture in the business world. This will create dialog about it in the mainstream helping shift the repressive, old, negative paradigm around menstruation.

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