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It's Time To Get Social!!!
We often hang out together after each event, but time is somewhat limited. So let's change that! This is a social event for everyone to come in and simply get to know each other better. You can practice your skills if you wish, but I'm hoping you'll spend the time sharing your stories and wisdom. Topics you might consider: Chakras, healing work, opening up to your intuitive, past lives, spirit guides, methods of sharing your insights (without frightening people), the spiritual side of this work, ethics, crystals and stones, encounters with ghosts/spirits. 18 only. Bring your toys if you wish to share. Unfortunately, food and drink are not an option (rules of the room), but there will be water and tea as usual. Hosted by Brian Rainie of Intuitive Methodologies, who will offer safe space and gentle guidance if asked.

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21040 Homestead Rd, Suite 204 · Cupertino, CA


What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in developing their intuitive skills, focusing on practical applications in everyday life. Whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner, if you'd like to join others in experimenting with new methods or just reinforcing your basic skills, we welcome you.

Organizer's Core Beliefs:

o Everyone is born intuitive. We’re simply taught not to use it. You can easily get back in touch.
o It’s just energy. It’s not mysticism. But this goes way beyond the basic laws of physics.
o Energy work is learned experientially. All you have to do is be in the presence of someone practicing skills at high levels and your skills show up.
o Everyone has their own unique style of reading and manipulating energy. I believe we should embrace that.

Group Goals:

o Fees will be kept to a minimum, especially for the social events.
o Our goal is to offer both social/novice-level events as well as professional training.
o There is sufficient training available in the more "ethereal/magical" approaches to intuitive work. We will focus more on the practical methods, based simply on seeing everything as energy.
o Group energy is paramount. We will push for attendance levels of at least 8 people.
o Keep it real. The modern intuitive blends in while creating positive change.

What will we cover? Whatever we wish, as long as it is safe and stays within the limits of a meetup group. Basic methods include:

o More effective grounding and shielding techniques. Stay safe and powerful.
o Chakra clearing meditations. Remove the distractions and come from your clarity.
o Reading auras and chakras, as well as the interactions between them. Easily understand the motivations of others.
o Psychometry: Reading and adjusting objects and environments. Keep it clean, and healthy.
o Healing past-life connections/issues. Come to terms with what's been hold you back and keeping you small.
o Spirit guides, and their intentions. They want to work for you, so help them.
o Group manifesting techniques. Create community while bringing in wonderful life experiences.
o Big Energy: It’s useful to impress, influence, or (in some cases) frighten.
o Shrinking Energy: A simple self-defense technique.
o Earth-based energy healing, based on Moto-Ki. Simple techniques to reduce/eliminate pain and discomfort.
o Divination methods. Find your keys or, more importantly, your path.
o Non-combative self defense.

More advanced topics might include:

o Tandem readings.
o Earth-based energy / power healing (Moto-Ki).
o Augmented energy flow.
o Setting intentions.
o Infusing water.

Fringe topics might include:

o Ethereal shifting.
o Aura encapsulation of others.
o Advanced intimacy: Co-experiencing consciousness.
o Advanced intimacy: Linking erogenous zones.
o Stepping into the body of a past life experience of yourself.

Professional Training:

The MotoKi Association has approved certification-level training within this group. These sessions will be clearly marked, and require training fees. Attending a sufficient number of sections over time will provide students an opportunity to be certified as a MotoKi Foundation Guide (professional intuitive).

About the facilitator:

Brian Rainie has achieved master level in both Martial Arts and Healing Arts. He has 45+ years experience, and has been actively teaching for over 30 years. He is on the board of directors of both the Han Moo Kwan Association as well as the Moto-Ki Association. He is a certified Reiki master, as well as holding ranks in multiple martial art forms. His specialty is energy-based methods based on power. Your experience of his techniques will be anything but "subtle". His desire is to provide training to the more logical/practical individual, an audience which is often ignored.

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