What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in exploring their intuitive skills, focusing on practical applications in everyday life. This is a great starting point for those who are new to energy work or just curious about what they might achieve. Whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner, if you'd like to join others in experimenting with new methods or just reinforcing your basic skills, we welcome you.

Organizer's Core Beliefs:

o Everyone is born intuitive. We're simply taught not to use it. You can easily get back in touch.
o It's just energy. It's not mysticism. But this goes way beyond the basic laws of physics.
o Energy work is learned experientially. All you have to do is be in the presence of someone practicing skills at high levels and your skills show up.
o Everyone has their own unique style of reading and manipulating energy. I believe we should embrace that.

Group Goals:

o Structured as Social Events, to make it less intimidating to those new to metaphysics.
o There is sufficient training available in the more "ethereal/magical" approaches to intuitive work. We will focus more on the practical methods, based simply on seeing everything as energy.
o Group energy is paramount. We will push for attendance levels of at least 8 people.
o Keep it real. The modern intuitive blends in while creating positive change.
o Donation based to help cover costs.

What will we cover? Whatever we wish, as long as it is safe and stays within the boundaries of a meetup group. Basic methods include:

o More effective grounding and shielding techniques. Stay safe and powerful.
o Chakra clearing techniques. Remove the distractions and come from your clarity.
o Reading auras and chakras, as well as the interactions between them. Easily understand the motivations of others.
o Psychometry: The experience of reading and adjusting objects and environments. Keep it clean, and healthy.
o Healing past-life connections/issues. Come to terms with what's been holding you back and keeping you small.
o Exploring past-life successes. Recover the amazing skills you have already mastered.
o Spirit guides, and their intentions. They want to work for you, so help them.
o Group manifesting techniques. Create community while bringing in wonderful life experiences.
o Big Energy: It's useful to impress, influence, or (in some cases) frighten.
o Shrinking Energy: A simple self-defense technique.
o Earth-based energy healing, based on Moto-Ki. Exploring techniques to reduce/eliminate pain and discomfort.
o Divination methods. Find your keys or, more importantly, your path.

More advanced topics might include:

o Tandem readings.
o The power of Earth-based energy.
o Augmented energy flow.
o The importance of setting intentions.
o How water infused with energy can be used for healing or comfort.


Going Beyond The Social Group:

For the more serious practitioner who wants to push themselves a bit and progress to higher levels, additional training is available through private individual/group sessions managed by the facilitator. These are not open to the general public, and the facilitator determines content as well as the prerequisite requirements for attendance.

Foundation Level Classes:

o Advanced techniques in reading energy (auras, and chakras).
o Basic cleansing techniques.
o Modern intuitive methods in the workplace environment.
o Energizing food and beverages.
o Energy based self-defense.

Extended training might also include more advanced ("Fringe") techniques:

o Ethereal shifting.
o Aura encapsulation of others.
o Advanced intimacy: Co-experiencing consciousness.
o Advanced intimacy: Linking erogenous zones.
o Stepping into the body of a past life experience of yourself.

Training For The Professional Energy Worker:

o Business methods for the professional energy worker
o Working with clients (managing expectations, interactions, and ethics)
o Presentation techniques
o Guidelines for manifesting a successful business
o Complete training guide to clearing commercial and residential property
o Energy techniques for the therapist's office
o Instructor-level training in basic and advanced metaphysics.

For more information about current offerings, please visit the Practical Intuitives Academy meetup group:



About the facilitator:

Brian Rainie has achieved master level in both Martial Arts and Healing Arts. He has 45+ years experience, and has been actively teaching for over 30 years. He is on the board of directors of both the Han Moo Kwan Association as well as the Moto-Ki Association. He is a certified Reiki master, as well as holding ranks in multiple martial art forms. His specialty is energy-based methods based on power. Your experience of his techniques will be anything but "subtle". His desire is to provide training to the more logical/practical individual, an audience which is often ignored.

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