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3D Data + Robots + Wood is an industry-led, informal gathering of construction industry professionals, real estate developers and clients interested in building smarter, greener, faster and better with wood. The focus is on prefab wood buildings, relatively new-to-the-US materials such as cross laminated timber (https://goo.gl/tP4Qcm) (CLT), and digital fabrication of mass timber products and wood buildings in general.

Articles on Innovation in Wood
Top 50 Articles on Wood in 2017 (https://www.rethinkwood.com/Wood-Top-50-2017) from Rethink Wood (https://www.rethinkwood.com/)
Articles on Wood (https://goo.gl/xN5cER) by Lloyd Alter of Treehugger (https://goo.gl/AWi2CB)

This group is managed by Greg Howes (https://www.linkedin.com/in/greghowes), a partner at the Mass Timber fabricator, CutMyTimber (http://www.cutmytimber.com/) and lead builder at the construction company, IDEAbuilder (http://ideabuilderhomes.com/). CutMyTimber works as a partner of DR Johnson, the only CLT manufacturer on the U.S. West Coast and the team at our company is actively involved in many CLT buildings and has completed hundreds of mass timber projects in Europe and North America. We are also the only team team in the U.S. to operate multiple Hundeggers plus a Kruesi CNC line and other industrial wood robotics. Based in Oregon, the biggest wood producing state, we fabricate as a partner in an integrated digital wood supply chain using CLT, timber frame solid wood, custom fabricated engineered timbers and panelized roof and wall panels. We also offer prefab Passive House buildings. We collaborate with a global and expanding network of partners to help grow the wood innovation ecosystem.

We collaborate with other groups like the TallWood Design Institute (http://tallwoodinstitute.org/), a joint initiative of Oregon State University Colleges of Forestry and Engineering and University of Oregon's College of Design and other universities, research groups, wood advocacy groups and private companies worldwide.

Why Seattle and the Pacific Northwest?
Seattle is the hottest real estate market in the country, is an epicenter of technology innovation and "2017 is the Year Wood Construction Grew Like A Weed (https://goo.gl/Ekp6dv)". Here is a great series of articles (https://www.treehugger.com/tag/wood-construction/) on Wood Construction from Lloyd Alter. How can we integrate more technology to make Seattle a global leader in innovative wood building?


We will explore new digital construction processes like computer-aided-manufacturing/CNC/Robotics and digital fabrication (https://goo.gl/ewbY3J) /prefab (https://goo.gl/ayMwzg) and discuss 3D data modeling including interactive simulation. Although the focus of these meetups will be primarily on wood digital fabrication, we plan to include discussions of digital fabrication of other materials including metals (https://www.azahner.com/) , concrete (http://odico.dk/) and composites (http://www.kreysler.com/) from our friends in the non-profit Digital Fabrication Network (http://dfabnet.org/) (I am a co-founder and Vice Chairman).


Open Source Wood Initiative From Finland

Our group aims to bring together architects, engineers, construction professionals, real estate developers, code officials, municipal planners, clients and anyone with an interest in helping make the Pacific Northwest a leader in timber technologies and building with wood.


From Danish friends of Wood

Meetings will include plenty of networking and discussion time and multiple presentations including in person speakers as well as web presentations from innovators in Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, etc. Our goal is to create an interactive discussion space, local network and online community in which individuals can learn from each other, find projects and partners and connect with others in the growing global community of wood innovation.


Albina Yard Building in Portland, Oregon https://goo.gl/LRhPmy

First in the U.S. domestically fabricated CLT as a structural element.

We have already developed a global network of building innovators with our AEC Hackathons (http://aechackathon.com/) (32 thus far in 11 U.S. cities and 6 other countries) and we believe the fastest way forward is through open innovation with partners in North America, Europe and Australia and elsewhere/everywhere - let's stop reinventing the wheel and use the best tools and work with others at the forefront of change.


TED Popup Stage, Vancouver BC
Digital Fabrication of Timber
One week assembly time on site

Our collaborators at the TallWood Design Institute organize monthly mass timber meetings in Portland https://www.meetup.com/Critical-Mass-Timber-Meetup/ so join them when you are in Portland (we will organize a tour of our Portland factory in 2018).

The Mass Timber Conference also takes place in Portland on March 20-22nd (http://www.masstimberconference.com/) and we are in discussions with the organizers of that event about how to share/link informative and better connect the Seattle community to rapidly emerging global networks.

Join us to help make the Pacific Northwest a global leader in timber technologies, prefab, digital fabrication, digital design and innovative architecture and smart, green building.

Online Resources

Online Articles/Posts
Top 50 Articles on Wood in 2017 (https://www.rethinkwood.com/Wood-Top-50-2017) from Rethink Wood (https://www.rethinkwood.com/)
Wood Construction (https://www.treehugger.com/tag/wood-construction/) by Lloyd Alter on TreeHugger

Wood Organizations
Rethink Wood (https://www.rethinkwood.com/)
Woodworks (http://www.woodworks.org/), U.S. and Canada
Wood for Good, UK (https://woodforgood.com/why-choose-wood/)
Nordic Wooden Cities (http://www.nordicwoodencities.com/), Nordic Countries
Make It Wood, Australia (http://makeitwood.org/)

CLT and Mass Timber Online Communities
Linkedin - Cross Laminated Timber - The Lumber Sandwich (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2962131)

Conferences and Events

Industrialized Wood-based Construction Conference (http://iwbcc.com/), Boston, October 24-26th. The Pacific Northwest should host a similar conference and lead the nation.

Ligna (http://www.ligna.de/home) - Hannover, Germany - Leading wood processing trade fair
Forum Holzbau (https://www.forum-holzbau.com/), Germany -
Mass Timber Conference, Portland, Oregon (http://www.masstimberconference.com/)
Mass Timber Conference 2017 Presentations (https://goo.gl/jUnL72)
Mass Timber Conference Videos (https://goo.gl/jVHfrD)
Frame Australia (http://www.frameaustralia.com/)

TallWood Design Institute (http://tallwoodinstitute.org/)

AEC Hackathon (http://aechackathon.com/) - Architecture, Engineering and Construction Hackathon

Digitalization of the global construction industry reports
Mckinsey, Imagining Construction's Digital Future (https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/capital-projects-and-infrastructure/our-insights/imagining-constructions-digital-future)
McKinsey, Reinventing Construction through a productivity revolution (https://goo.gl/hjNJd3)
World Economic Forum, Shaping the Future of Construction (http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Shaping_the_Future_of_Construction_full_report__.pdf)
The Economist, The construction industry's productivity problem (https://goo.gl/HdRmNp)

The Future of Making in Construction: Manufacturing buildings vs. building them (https://goo.gl/pjcpZs)
The Future of Making Things (https://www.autodesk.com/future-of-making-things)

Autodesk University 2017 Keynote


Upcoming events (3)

Industrialized Construction Forum at Stanford

Needs a location

Registration and full information here https://www.indconstructionforum.com/ Industrialized Construction continues to spread as a movement across the globe. In this year's forum, we will hear from leaders and innovators of ongoing IC movements in the UK, Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Mexico. The discussion will continue with new ideas and entrepreneurial ventures to be applied in North America.

40th AEC Hackathon - Silicon Valley

Facebook Way

Info and Registration: http://aechackathon.com/silicon-valley-3/ Join us for our 40th AEC Hackathon (either at Facebook's campus or Samsung's campus). This event takes place the day after Stanford's 5th Industrialized Construction Forum on February 21st https://www.indconstructionforum.com/

PropTech and AEC Hackathon Seattle: Hacking Real Estate and Digital Construction

Join us for our 41st AEC Hackathon and first Proptech Hackathon in Seattle. Let's bring together innovators in Real Estate, Fintech and Digital Construction to hack Seattle and Proptech. Speakers and details to follow. Date to be confirmed. This event will be preceded by an AEC Hackathon in Copenhagen in late January and followed by the "Industrialized Construction Forum" at Stanford on February 21st https://www.indconstructionforum.com/ followed by another AEC Hackathon Silicon Valley on February 22-24th. I will be at all of these events and we plan on announcing Proptech/Digital Construction partnerships between these regions and supporting open Proptech hacks/demos.

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