• The Ultimate Crawl - West SoMa Edition


    Let's try out a new route in West SoMa! Instead of crawling around the ball park we'll checkout some of the bars over by Folsom & 11th. We'll explore some fun spots with a lot of character as we mix and mingle with our ice-breaker. Get your tickets HERE - (http://turnupsf.com/?p=578) I'm not sure yet as to where we'll end up dancing at the end of the evening but there's plenty of fun options in the area. The total walking distance will be 1.2mi and will consist of checking out approximately 15 different bars, restaurants, and lounges. **Please note that the crawl isn't so much about drinking as it is about seeing and learning about new places! We don't actually stop for a drink at every place on the list but will be able to do a quick walk-through at most.** Each of these locations are known for something different and each provide a fun atmosphere to meet new people or bring a friend. Since this'll be our first time doing the West SoMa area we'll get to explore some new places together! Dress Code: We won't be visiting any venues with a dress code so dress comfortable and don't forget to dress warm as it'll be colder near the water! **Do note that we'll have the option to go dancing after the crawl for some dancing and there is a strict dress code usually.** Parking: There's a decent amount of street parking but I wouldn't necessarily recommend leaving your car around that neighborhood. Metered spots are usually FREE after 6pm depending on if there are events in the area, but always check. The area is slightly more difficult to get to but is a short walk from Bart and accessible by the bus. Some places we'll check out - SoMa Streat Foods Park, Butter, Trademark, Ravenbar, Wish, The Willows, and Bergerac. Please eat before the event as we have dinner on the schedule but it is difficult for the whole group to eat at one location. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/arthur.g.bahr). It's bound to be a magical night! I'm excited to enjoy it with everyone, Arthur G. Bahr My Guarantee - If you don't have a good time just contact me a day or 2 after the event and I'll give you full refund for the ticket. Please drink responsibly and don't drive under the influence!

  • Workshop (S.Bay): Earn Extra Cash Hosting Social Events & Activities

    Help your community while making extra cash! Learn how to organize and host great social events, have tons of fun and make money doing so. About this Event That's right, you can help your community and make money doing so! Social happy hours, hikes, picnics, BBQ, social mixers, pub crawl, etc. are all great social activities that help to keep a strong vibrant community. A single activity/event can bring in $0 - $1,000+. This is a great side job for Students, Homemakers, or anyone who wants to make extra money in their free time. In this workshop, you'll learn the "tricks of the trade" of how to organize, promote and host great social events and activities. You'll learn the in-and-out's of networking and partnering with local business & venues. Any you'll learn how to earn extra income while helping businesses, individuals and your community. The host & presenter, Miss Dao Nguyen is an Entrepreneur, Event Organizer & Social Instigator, who has hosted 200+ social events over the past 7+ years. WORKSHOP OUTLINE: Where will the income come from and how much can you expect. What types of social events will work best for you. How to organize and promote an event for maximum RSVP's and attendance. Businesses that want to work with you. How to connect, talk to and partner with businesses & venues. How to be a great host, build your followers and gain momentum. How to deal with difficult situations and on-going support. The workshop is approximately 2 hours with Q&A after that, and then socializing & networking after that. LOCATION: Instead of a stuffy conference room, we're going to do a picnic. We'll get a spot half under the giant tree for some shade & sun. We'll put down some tarps and have snacks and wine for everyone. WHAT TO BRING: Wear sunscreen and/or a hat. Bring water, something to sit on and a jacket (in case it gets windy & cold). Optionally: bring food and/or drinks to share (it's also a picnic, networking and social event). LIMIT 20 per workshop. Purchase your tickets asap for the early bird specials. South Bay: Sat, July 27,[masked]pm near the picnic tables at Lakewood Park, 834 Lakechime Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. https://earn-cash-w-events-sj-201907.eventbrite.com

  • NorCal Night Market

    Alameda County Fairgrounds

    NorCal Night Market: the largest night market food, merchandise, and arts festival in the Bay Area! Enjoy all the nighttime sights, sounds, and flavors in a spacious, picturesque location. Imagine strolling through rows of merchandise, games & crafts booths with your friends and family as the sun sets behind a backdrop of mountains. Lounging under the shade of leafy walnut trees and glittery stars on the lush grass while enjoying live performances by local musicians. And of course, eating your way to foodie ecstasy in the massive food market area where it's impossible to sample all the delicious delights in a single visit. Oh, and adult beverages for those of age! ^^^^^ To join this group the cost is: (a) FREE for Meet More You members (if you're not a member signup for free. Then RSVP on https://meetmoreyou.com/events/event.html?i=150&frm=1). (b) For non-members, your cost is $10 (cash only at the event). ^^^^^ What does everyone need to know? NorCal Night Market is inspired by the famous open-air nighttime bazaars of Asia, where people of all ages come together to eat, drink, shop, and socialize. In it's second year, NorCal Night Market now features 200+ food, merchandise, games, arts, crafts vendors, and local live performers--the only large-scale night market in the Bay Area. Purchase tickets online at https://www.facebook.com/events/339215413365066/. Limited box office tickets are available at the event for $5 per ticket, cash only. Most vendors accept cash only. ATMs are available. Alcohol is available with a valid ID. Parking is $10 charged by the venue. No pets. https://www.norcalnightmarket.com/ How can everyone find you once they get there? Okay gang, here's the plan: 1. Meet at West Dublin/Pleasanton Bart Station (NOTE: not Dublin/Pleasanton Bart Station, West Dublin/Pleasanton). Bart parking fees end at 3pm, so feel free to use their parking lot. 2. Meet at the entrance on the Pleasanton side, i.e. from the Pleasanton Parking Garage (the side where Stoneridge Mall is on). 3. Meet at 7pm sharp. I'll wear my cowboy hat to make it super easy to find me. If you cannot make this meeting point & time, then you're on your own. It will be impossible to find us once we get inside the Night Market. 4. We'll do a 30 mins meet & greet while we wait for others. We can also figure out carpool at this time too (to save on parking fees at the Night Market). 5. We should be inside the Night Market by 8pm and it ends at 11pm (that's 3 hours of walking). Wear comfortable shoes and bring a jacket. Please drink responsibly and drive carefully. NOTE: It's a lot of work hosting an event, especially for a large group of people. Thus (1) I may not reply to messages or comments during an event. (2) If you love this event please help me out with a $5 donation (or share my app, Meet More You https://meetmoreyou.com/?frm=1, with your friends and invite them to signup). See you there! - Dao

  • The Ultimate Hotel Lounge Crawl (August)

    The View Lounge

    This crawl has VERY limited space and will have a low # of tickets available. We've done this several times now and always have a good time! This event isn't so much about drinking as it is about learning about some of the top cocktails bars & date spots in the city. Get your tickets & reserve your spot HERE (http://turnupsf.com/?p=577) This crawl features checking out some of the most famous & most recognized hotel bars in San Francisco. Some of these bars are more known than others, but all of them are small and can only accommodate very small groups. The goal is for you to leave with enough knowledge of the downtown bar/lounge scene that you can impress anyone. These locations provide a variety of different atmospheres while most are classy date spots. This walk through downtown San Francisco will consist of about 1.5mi of walking throughout the course of checking out 15 hotel bars and learning about countless other bars along the way. It will also end with the option to dance. Please dress as if you were attending an upscale cocktail event. Remember to wear comfortable footwear. I'm looking forward to this event and am excited for a more personal crawl experience. Arthur G. Bahr My guarantee - If you don't have a great time or feel like you didn't get your $'s worth please send me a message and I'll give you full refund.

  • The Ultimate Picnic @ GGPark (Hellman Hollow)

    West Hellman Hollow

    Let's get together and start the spring/summer with a bang playing games and getting out to meet new people. This event is going to be the mother of all picnic events. We'll have awesome wines to try, tons of craft beers, and plenty of games to keep everyone occupied. If you use Google Maps and put in Hellman Hollow we'll be within a few hundred yards of the bathrooms. I'll try to get some orange balloons to signal our location! Food is welcomed and recommended to bring although I'll provide drinks and games for everyone! You can reserve your spot HERE! (http://turnupsf.com/?p=508) BEER FANS: I'm going to hit up some local breweries in Santa Rosa and collect us some awesome local beers for everyone to try and taste throughout the day! WINE FANS: Much like our "wine picnic" we did last year - I'll bring an assortment of unique California wines with a variety of price points and complexity. You can try as much wine as you'd like and discover some new favorites. NON-DRINKERS: There's going to be plenty of games and snacks for anyone interested in attending and not interested in the alcohol appeal of this event. Games I'll Provide: • Soccer (pug goals) • Cornhole (at least 1 set maybe 2 sets) • Lifesize Jenga • Horseshoes • Ladder Ball • Bocce Ball Golden Gate Park has a few strict rules that we must follow which can be found on their website. Ultimately, please respect the park while we're there! I'll have some recycling and trash bags so that we make sure to keep everything tidy. What to bring: • Layers (it's GGPark and tends to get chilly later in the evening) • A positive & open attitude • A chair or blanket to sit on • Sportswear if you're planning on playing soccer or a more active game! • Food for yourself and possibly others! *Feel free to bring any other drinks or games (no hard liquor or glass beer bottles though please). EXTRA: We're also going to have a little "walk/tour" through part of the park for anyone interested in seeing more of it(there's tons of hidden gems in the park)!! The walk will take about an hour or so starting around 4:00pm. Parking: There's some parking available right on the street by our meeting place. There are also several buses that will take you to this part of the park. The ONLY way this event will be postponed is if there is rainfall. So come out, checkout the park, and make some new friends. -Arthur G. Bahr

  • Attend an A’s Baseball Game!! (Special Area for Group)

    Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

    Hey everyone, Let’s try something new and catch an A’s baseball game! The A’s are due for a new stadium in the near future which means there isn’t much time left to watch a game at their historic Coliseum location (which happens to be one of my favorite stadiums). The A’s will take on the Cardinals which should shape up to be a good Sunday game. The game’s first pitch is set to be at 1:07pm. Tickets are in the A's brand-new Golden Road Landing located down the Left Field Line! As long as we get enough tickets purchased we’ll have the space all to ourselves! Ticket are $44 which can be purchased here(https://offer.fevo.com/st-louis-cardinals-9zcehwv-0ff26dc?fevoUri=st-louis-cardinals-9zcehwv-0ff26dc%2F). You’re welcome to share the link with any co-workers, friends, or family. Each ticket will include 3 Drink Tickets and 1 Voucher for either a Hot dog, Sausage, or Veggie Dog. Bart takes you literally right to the stadium so we can coordinate a departure location and time for everyone wanting to come from the city. Please get your ticket in advance if you’re planning on attending as we must meet a minimum to make this happen! Thanks & I’m looking forward to seeing you at the stadium, Arthur G. Bahr

  • Enhance Your Social Intelligence (San Francisco)

    Jaunty @ WeWork Golden Gate

    Are you ever stuck making small talk or unable to get up the courage to approach that awesome person at the party? Do you wonder why some people exude magnetism and charisma? Fortunately, this spring, Jaunty is here to help your social skills blossom with our effective, free workshop! This fun, interactive workshop is Jaunty's first step into social mastery and includes a mix of theory, exercises, and in-person socialization. We’ll look into the science of attraction and practice of tried and tested techniques that will enhance the way you connect with people. Our workshop covers body language, conversational agility, and belief systems, and examines what may be holding you back from your highest potential. If you want to become the social dynamo of your friendships, romantic endeavors, or business relations, join us! Be sure to eat beforehand, but beer and tea will be served. Seating is limited. Please arrive early. About your Instructor: Craig Gibbons is a Head Instructor at Jaunty. Growing up in a small town near San Luis Obispo, Craig struggled with shyness. Wanting a change, he later delved deep into social and emotional intelligence through academic study and personal experiments. At college, he realized he wanted to work with people and switched majors from Computer Science to Human Performance. After years of self-training, Craig discovered Jaunty and became Eric's apprentice. Craig has coached people in social dynamics and dating through Jaunty since 2012. When he's not exploring positive psychology and self-development, he enjoys learning about metagames and being outdoorsy with his dad. Both Eric and Craig spent thousands of hours experimenting and researching the limits of social behavior to create the tried and tested course material for Jaunty. They are tirelessly dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and become social dynamos. FAQs Location? Join us at WeWork at 25 Taylor Street (entrance on Taylor Street), walk diagonally across the street from the CVS and large WeWork sign. What are my transit/parking options? By MUNI: The WeWork building is located at 25 Taylor Street (@ Market and Taylor), just two short blocks from the Powell MUNI/BART station and the Civic Center MUNI/Bart Station. Bus lines: 5, 6, 12, 14, 8X, 9, 21, 30, 31 By Car: There are multiple parking garages that are close to the WeWork building. Locate or book parking here (https://www.parkwhiz.com/wework-golden-gate-parking/). What should I bring to the event? Please bring an open mind. How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Contact us anytime at www.jaunty.org We hope to see you there!

  • Let's Mix, Mingle, & Dance

    Southside Spirit House

    Let's get together and have some fun meeting new people! This event continuously has great turnouts and been a good time. This is going to be a mixer (not specifically a singles mixer) for everyone & anyone to come out and meet some new people in a fun & friendly environment. Get off your butt and become active with our community of awesome individuals. Grab your tickets HERE(http://turnupsf.com/?p=564) - Still working on the TurnUpSF site but will be using that for ticket sales going forward! We'll kick things off at Southside Spirit House with some drink specials & games. After we've met a few people we'll have the option of continuing down the street at Temple Nightclub. If you haven't been to Temple, it's a fun club with multiple levels and different music in different rooms. Everyone who purchases a mixer ticket will have free access as long as you enter with the group or you're welcome to stay in the hip lounge environment that Southside provides. We'll have a fun ice-breaker resulting in some free drinks as well as optional name tags & flashcards with some fun topics to help spark conversation. Please dress to impress as this is a more formal event than our typical pub crawls - the club will have a dress code and allows NO BACKPACKS. Don't forget to bring a positive attitude and be ready for a social evening! Hope to see you there, Arthur