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Long running group for San Diego area Creatives 2009-present

With over 3,000 successful events and excellent track record for professionalism, respect, safety, efficiency, image quality, and teaching that supports YOUR creativity Pro-Am is supportive, honest, useful and personal.

An educational resource, run by a teacher, BRITT, Pro-Am works for all levels of experience. Amateur to Pro Photographers, who are included as members of the PSA when thy become full members

Membership is just $25 annually and due 4 days after approval - so you have time to really look around the group.

Models, Hair Stylists, Make Up Artists & Body Painters are also welcome FREE.

Check out all of our image albums too. All kinds of artists have enjoyed and benefited by Pro-Am and moved on to greater things!

Pro-Am supports and improves your skills, and not just during the shoot - Assistance and education is available in all elements involved - including PhotoShop and Lightroom clases upon request.

BRITT will arrange classes, shoot events and workshops ON REQUEST also. Just send a message!

CREDITS: All images we facilitate should be credited to the photographer and PRO-AM with a link, if posted elsewhere please models. Remember to note make up and hair professionals on a image whenever applicable


A UNIQUELY QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL TEACHER from London. England, who is experienced as a PHOTOGRAPHER and as a MODEL: The group leader / primary instructor BRITT is a very capable talented teacher with many years of useful experience on both sides of the lens. With her expertise and insight, she is able to create the scenarios needed for far better model and photographer participation and images.

Ours is usually Non Commercial shooting. Promotional and publishing is allowed. Image sales to a third party are not, unless model agrees in writing on your own release.

Britt shares props, equipment and studio, wardrobe, as well as organized advice, and critique. Pro coaching for models and photographers 1-1 and at events is available - time permitting.

PHOTOGRAPHERS can also host their own events.

With BRITT they can improve expertise with lighting, model interaction, direction and poses, camera settings, composition, as well as post-production.

PRICING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS:$25 ONLY is the Pro-Am annual subscription to have access, get support, request classes, workshops or group shoots, ask questions, and take part in anything . Dues are due within 4 days. Event fees also apply.

50% discount on shoot fee if you bring a new member who signs up within 7 days of any event!

PRICING FOR MODELS: Free two week trial. Shoots are ALL FREE no fees.

Pro model Coaching is included FREE. Web images are FREE and made for you between 1 -14 days (for models pre approval).

Some prints and most larger edits are also FREE from most photographers. $25 annually requested donation is welcome and appropriate after 14 days trial.

MINORS: Minors under the age of 18 years should generally pay the shoot fee first time out, and always bring a custodial parent to be on hand to oversee them and to sign their model release.

DISCOUNTS: Prior to 24 hours of the shoot there is a price reduction always in effect with the published shoot or class fee Members only, with cameras please. On the day-of cost of participation in the event may go up $5 - $10.

CANCELLATIONS: Our group is dedicated, busy, and professional. It can take immeasurable hours of work to get an event to go ahead - and it will always be in response to members who say they want it ... Once you RSVP you confirm a shoot, and we cannot provide a refund without a minimum 24 hours notice and prefer at least 48 hours notice if you want to change your plans please. Your fee can be applied to another event. Event info including meeting locations etc can be clarified in advance of any event. No shows will not be refunded.

Pro-Am events offer FOUR different formats:

Classes: Instruction on a specific subject - which includes audio or video presentations, personal demonstration, lecture or discussions with Q&A. Personal upon request, or group.

Workshops: Hands-on sessions on specific theme where we provide model, lighting and help setting up your camera and with lighting and composing your shots as needed. Attendees participate actively in photo shoot.

Group Photo Shoots: Photographers shoot independently. All levels of photographers, from beginners to those very experienced attend these events. Lighting can be provided for additional fee - published fee is for this who do not want or need lighting, and pay in advance.

Personal 1-1 time with a Pro Model: Professional models are hired and hosted in studio setting where you can shoot your individual ideas with assistance from BRITT in all important areas of posing, styling, lighting and model communication. Pro Models hired are very experienced and shoot Fashion, Lingerie and Art Nude.


We have RULES for Pro-Am, please make sure to look them over:

We have fun side FB pages where you can post your works and ideas or network ... one is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProAmPhotography/

Pro-Am MUA and Hairstylists receive FREE membership, Request a shoot theme to suit your book and Britt can arrange it. Models can be as extraordinary and fantastic as your make up and hair stylist vision. Bring your fave face - or we will find models for you.

Pro-Am MODELS are granted and retain the RIGHT to approve or veto the images we shoot. Models can ALWAYS attend a shoot dressed in ANY style they want and may have three looks, or more.

NOTE: 'This Season' designer wear cannot usually be shot non-commercial as a MeetUp, since as we work TFCD.

Pro-Am Photographers MUST share their 5-10 fave images, edited within 2 weeks please.

They can be posted in or album for the models and group - up to 10 mg. Please do not RSVP or attend if you are unable to post images for the model(s). Post processing assistance and classes are azalea upon demand, Kindly do NOT take behind the scenes images of models or anyone on the shoot without prior agreement.


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