😸The Singapore Golden Kitty Awards😸


Since our humble start with a small group of product enthusiasts meeting over drinks, we’ve seen over 32 of the very best tech products and people hit the stage at one of 12 past Product Hunt Singapore events.

As the end of 2016 is fast approaching we here at Product Hunt Singapore want to make sure that the very best of these 32 products and people get their due. So, for the first time ever, we’re kicking off The Singapore edition of The Golden Kitty Awards!

But we’re not an oligarchy here at Product Hunt. We were built on the backs of our awesome community of Singapore startup & maker peeps, which means we need your help to determine the coveted Best Tech Product of Singapore.

Here’s the complete list of products that we’ve welcomed on stage at a past Product Hunt Singapore event and that stand a chance to take home The Singapore Golden Kitty Award:

• 99.co - Buy or rent houses, apartments, villas, and rooms

• Astronaut - Online interview through video-selfie

• Carousell - Snap to Sell, mobile marketplace

• Fessup - Social platform for anonymous confessions

• FitSense - Making insurance truly personal

• Glycoleap - Immersive digital program for people with Type-2 diabetes

• Grab - Ride-hailing platform with a focus on SEA

• Grain - Delightful food delivery

• Hackertrail- Technology Recruitment. Gamified.

• Happi - Answer 5 question surveys to get deals and win prizes

• Heroes of Honor - Real-time strategy and city management game

• Klok - Time zone converter widget

• Lively - Export live photos to GIF and movies

• Lomotif - Create mini music videos

• Migraine Buddy - Migraine tracking app

• Mimetic.ai - Personal scheduling assistant based on AI

• Neeuro - Headband that helps you explore your brain

• Otonomos - Form, fund and govern a company with programmable shares

• Parrot - Find viral content

• Provolv Cricket - Cricket app and sensors for bat, ball & pads

• Reread.io - Rediscover saved and forgotten bookmarks

• RSVPD (former MeetApp) - Discover all events in one place

• Seedly - Personal finance assistant

• Silver Lining - Soiled-diaper alert system

• Stifled - Horror game where you navigate with sound

• Structo - 3D printers tailored towards dental applications

• Swiftback - Platform which connects passengers with drivers for transportation

• Techinasia iOS app - Asian startup news mobile app

• uHoo - Smart indoor air toxin sensor

• Viki - Subtitled Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas

• Xfers - C2C payments

• Zopim - Chat with customers for real-time support

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will pretend they’re too cool to care about awards but will secretly carry the shame of a loss for the rest of their days?

Time to make your vote count!* (https://goo.gl/forms/k5TlH5R5PAmZYvI82)

The winner will be announced on November 21st at the Product Hunt Singapore community event held at the brand new Google office.

So... RSVP now!

The Working Capitol (https://www.theworkingcapitol.com/en) - Spaces for Co-working, Private Offices, Events and Community

Google (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=google)

* Product Hunt Singapore reserves the right to not get Boaty Mcboatfaced ⛴ 👨🏻