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ProductTank provides an opportunity for Product Managers in Belgium to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Design, Development and Management, Business Modelling, Metrics, User Experience and all the other things that get us excited.

Events include talks from guest speakers on topics around product management, networking opportunities, and a good old-fashioned chin-wag over a beer or two.

We're open to companies big and small. We also welcome early-stage technology businesses looking to learn how to get their ideas off the ground.

We also have a blog and encourage the community to get engaged by commenting on or writing new posts for http://www.mindtheproduct.com

Finally, check out our annual conferences in San Francisco and London: http://mtpcon.com

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Get inspired - World Product Day

Online event

We're back! We've given you, and ourselves, some time to lean back and take a breath.
At this point in the pandemic you've probably read just about every book out there and binge-listened (is this a thing?) every podcast there is. To be fair, we all know it goes downhill after you've listened to all episodes of Computerclub, Nerdland and de Volksjury right... So we wanted to give you a little bit of additional insightful content to look forward to.

So in a (probably pointless) attempt to forget that this years Product Day is still a remote one, we invited a special guest to tell you something more about how to get the right message across in difficult times. Ladies & Gentlemen: Mister, M. Van Ranst!

Just kidding 🥲. We are, however, very pleased to let you know this time, we will focus on what inspires us as product managers. For some that might be a person/product guru, for others it might be a new research technique, others might find inspiration in new design patterns,... 💭Anything goes, as long as it gets you enthusiastic and ✨ sparkly eyed ✨ just thinking about it

First speaker of the day is Jose Antonio Pérez Madrid, José is a experienced product researcher currently working at Dott, a company offering a sharing platform for e-scooters across Europe. Next to his sneaker addiction, he's also inspired by inclusive design and that's exactly the topic he will enlighten us about! 💡

Next up is Stef Nimmegeers, Stef is co-founder of Bothrs and Healthblocks. Stef is so enthusiastic about habit-shaping products that he build two entire companies around it. He's full of new ideas and spots opportunities around any corner, I challenge you to not get enthusiastic while listening to him 🙌🏻

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