ProductTank TLV May meetup: The Tricks of The Trade

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Some products are flooded with downloads and great reviews, while others suffer from lack of attention, retention and other desired KPIs.
Even after years of experience and launching successful products, one question has remained the PM holy grail: what can one do to avoid that awful drought?

In this ProductTank TLV meetup on Wednesday May 3rd, we will dive into the tricks that Product Managers can and should use to create meaningful products and manage teams. This meetup is based on practical cases and and will provide food for thought and actionable tips.

We have two insightful talks lined up for this month, with the great:

Doron Nir (, CEO of StreamElements, with his talk “Digital products and the eternal art of seduction”

Did you know? When you want users to scroll, present them with half of the next item!We live in an age where functional products are no longer enough for users. Words like "Beautiful", "Delightful", "Exciting" appear in the day to day jargon of every Product Manager but bring nothing to the table or to your product review.
In this session, Doron will review some of the ways Product Manager can use to seduce and excite users, encourage them to use our digital experiences and products and hopefully to enjoy them.

And, Max Bassin (, Product Lead at Craft, with his talk “Onboarding - minimizing time-to-prize”

Did you know: Email can support a well-defined onboarding process. include a single, clear CTA, focused on getting the user to do one specific thing

A great onboarding experience can decrease support, sales and marketing costs. It can also increase product adoption, referrals and adoption and bring your product to the hands of millions. In this session, Max will discuss the common practices of effective onboarding, explore the logic behind them and extract winning patterns, tips and tricks.

The agenda for this meetup:

19:00 Mingling and Munching
19:30 Doron will share from his experience
20:00 Max will share from his experience
20:30 Re-Mingling