ProductTank TLV September meetup: Scaling Up without Slowing Down

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Our goal as PMs is to deliver a valuable product with much demand and so, to grow both our team and company. However, scaling up is challenging and painful and many teams do deliver great products but don’t know how to grow and fail due to that.

Imagine scaling up your team from 6 people to 80 in a matter of a year:
How would this affect your team? And what are the resources and the methods you should use to do it smartly?

In this ProductTank TLV meetup on Monday, September 25, Gadi Lahav, Head of Product at, will tell the FT story: How to be data driven in your scaling up process, so you won’t find yourself slowing down.

In his talk, Gadi will share from his experience scaling up his team while keeping his pace. His talk is a must for the Manager part in each product manager, and will prove how empowering teams to be autonomous will (may) prevent them from slowing down as they become part of a larger organization.

About Gadi Lahav (

Gadi is the Head of Product for (financial Times). Prior to that, Gadi worked for Wochit, a video startup, and Amazon. Before moving to London he was the Editor in Chief at Walla and VP Digital at Haaretz.
Gadi believes everything is measurable but this did not prevent him from losing track on the amount of time he has spent on his obsession with Game of Thrones.

The agenda for this meetup:

19:00 Mingling and Munching
19:30 Gadi will share from his experience
20:15 Q&A session
20:30 Re-Mingling